CMP Offers 101 Pistol Marksmanship at Upcoming Eastern and Talladega Games

CAMP BUTNER, NC – Those looking to improve or even start their pistol skills should mark their calendars for April and May as the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) hosts an educational Pistol Marksmanship 101 Course at the 2023 Eastern CMP Rifle and Pistol Matches, as well as CMP’s quarterly Talladega matches. The practical pistol course is designed for those familiar with marksmanship as well as those completely new to the sport, meaning no prior knowledge or experience is required.

The annual Eastern Games will take place from April 28 to May 7 at the Camp Butner National Guard Training Center in North Carolina, with Marksmanship Course 101 set on opening day. In addition, a 101 Pistol Marksmanship Course will be held during CMP’s Talladega Quarterly Games, which will be held at the Talladega Shooting Park in Alabama, on May 13 and August 26.

Talladega’s quarterly games feature a lineup of service rifle and pistol competitions.

CMP Marksmanship 101 courses are designed to train individuals in firearms essentials and proficiency basics in a closely supervised environment. Utilizing the talents of CMP’s qualified personnel and world-class instructors, participants learn safety, positioning, how to load and clean a pistol, and more through classroom discussions and active training on the shooting range. Near the conclusion of the course, students apply everything they have learned in a true match of excellence in competition.

Outside of the Marksmanship 101 course, Eastern Matches offers a variety of pistol matches.

Guns and ammunition will be provided by the CMP. Hearing and eye protection is required during actual shooting. Youth must be at least 14 years old to participate.

Learn more and register for the 2023 Eastern Matches at See more about Talladega’s quarterly matches at

About CMP Travel Games:

The Travel Games are regional competitions held throughout the year featuring CMP’s own outdoor rifle and pistol events. A common part of the CMP calendar for the past decade, the Games focus on recreation-oriented competition and educational activities that are designed to accommodate experienced shooters as well as those hoping to learn more about the sport. See the full line of CMP travel games at

Talladega Quarterly Games:

Those looking for more competitive opportunities should check out CMP’s Talladega Quarterly Games, held at Talladega Shooting Park in Alabama. Quarterly matches feature outdoor rifle and pistol events, with rifle competitions held on CMP’s electronic target and scoring system and pistol fired at paper revolving targets. Events include: Added 800 Rifle, 3×600 Medium Range Rifle, EIC Service Rifle, EIC Service Pistol, EIC .22 Rimfire Pistol, and EIC Service Revolver. The next quarterly games are scheduled for May 13 and 14 and August 25 and 27.

About the CMP Talladega Shooting Range:

Aptly named “The Home of Marksmanship,” the park is a worthy destination for firearms supporters and visitors seeking opportunities to practice, compete, and mindfully learn. With CMP electronic targets and scoring monitors that can only be found at the 500-acre facility, the park regularly hosts rifle, pistol, and shotgun events throughout the year. CMP’s Unknown Distance Range at Talladega also allows visitors to practice their skills on the range of over 100 steel targets, up to 625 yards, while the 20-lane, life-size 3D target archery range offers even more aiming fun in the park.

The public is welcome daily to try out their firearms or just take a tour of the grounds. Out of the line of fire, the Clubhouse features a fully stocked Pro Shop including a collection of CMP rifles, ammunition, marksmanship and memorabilia that is open during park hours. Learn more about the Talladega Marksmanship Park at

The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a federally chartered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to firearms safety and marksmanship training and the promotion of marksmanship competition for United States citizens. To learn more about the CMP and its programs, log on to