CMP Hosts Monthly Air Gun Meetups in October in Ohio and Alabama

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) organized another round of Monthly Matches. The event featured three-position athlete/precision air rifle competitions and a 60-shot ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation) air rifle and air pistol competition for adult and junior athletes, shot on the fields CMP air pistol shooting ranges in Ohio and Alabama. Each match included a qualifying round and a final.

At the Camp Perry (Ohio) location, Katrina Demerle, 17, of Hamilton, Ohio, scored victories in the ISSF 3×20 and 60-shot rifle precision matches, while Christopher Chisolm, 28, of Granville, Ohio was victorious overall in the ISSF 60-shot pistol event. In sporter 3×20, 15-year-old Brianna Benedetto led for the second month after leading in the same match in September’s Monthly Match.

Monthly matches feature rifle and air pistol events for adults and youth.

In Anniston, Alabama, SP4 Levi Clark, 24, of the US Army Marksmanship Unit, led the 60-shot ISSF Rifle competition while Lake Yoke, 27, of Naples, Fla. , took first place in the ISSF Pistol event. Katlyn Sullivan, 16, of Statesboro, Georgia, was the top contender in the 3×20 precision category, and Debi Weiser, 17, of Clemmons, NC, took the sporting victory.

Para-athletes requiring supported positioning are also welcome to participate in the Monthly Matches.

Other top contenders overall for the monthly October Air Gun Matches were:

At Port Clinton, the 60-shot rifle medal winners included Hailey Singleton, Katrina Demerle and Dylan Gregory.


ISSF Rifle (Adult and Junior):

  1. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH – 620.2
  2. Bremen Butler, 18, Fort Wayne, IN – 617.6
  3. Hailey Singleton, 16, Bellevue, OH – 616.2
The recipients of the Port Clinton Pistol Medal were Blaine Simpson, Christopher Chisolm and Matthew Lemmon.

ISSF Pistol:

  1. Christopher Chisolm, 28, Granville, OH – 549-8X
  2. (HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR) Blaine Simpson, 17, Sidney, OH – 540-8X
  3. Matthew Lemmon, 37, Clyde, OH – 526-7X

3×20 sniper rifle (plus final):

  1. Katrina Demerle, 17, Hamilton, OH – 701-51X
  2. Hailey Singleton, 16, Bellevue, OH – 693-46X
  3. Bremen Butler, 18, Fort Wayne, IN – 692-51X

Sporter 3×20 rifle (plus final):

  1. Brianna Benedetto, 15, Beach Park, IL – 619-13X
  2. Miah Leong, 17, Zion, IL – 617-17X
  3. Gianna Gomez, 15, Zion, IL – 603-11X


ISSF rifle:

  1. SP4 Levi Clark, 24, US Army Marksmanship Unit – 620.6
  2. (HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR) Katlyn Sullivan, 16, Statesboro, GA – 610.3
  3. Grayson Ellis, 16, Anniston, AL – 607.5

ISSF Pistol:

  1. Lake Yoke, 27, Naples, FL – 550
  2. Lawrence Gale, 54, Copperhill, TN – 529
  3. Renay Woodruff, 50, Alexandria, AL – 518

3×20 sniper rifle (plus final):

  1. Katlyn Sullivan, 16, Statesboro, GA – 588
  2. Madelyn Lee, 18, Dawsonville, GA – 584
  3. Grayson Ellis, 16, Anniston, AL – 578

Sporter 3×20 rifle (plus final):

  1. Debi Weiser, 17, Clemmons, North Carolina – 550
  2. Bethany Shirley, 15, Monroe, GA – 519
  3. Joshua Shirley, 18, Monroe, GA – 515

Only ONE more monthly Air Gun Match event left for the 2022 season! The last Monthly Match of the year will be held November 19th in both Ohio and Alabama. Learn more and sign up by visiting

A full list of October monthly match results can be found on the CMP competition tracking page at (Camp Perry) and /2022OctMMAlabamaResults (Anniston). Photos from the event can be downloaded for free from CMP’s Zenfolio page at (Camp Perry) and (Anniston.

CMP ranks are open to the public!

The Judith Legerski CMP Competition Center in Anniston (formerly known as the South Competition Center) and the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center in Camp Perry host open public slots every week, where people of all ages are welcome to try their hand at air guns. compressed. Camps are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 8 pm EST at Camp Perry and 4 pm to 7 pm CST at Anniston. Guests can also visit the shooting ranges by appointment Monday through Thursday. Learn more at

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