CMP Dedicates South Air Gun Range to Former CEO, Judith Legerski

ANNISTON, Ala. – On Friday, March 17, the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) held a ribbon cutting and champagne toast to officially mark the name change of its Center of Competence South in Alabama as the Judith Legerski CMP Competence Center, in honor of former chair of the board and chief executive officer, Judith Legerski. The name change commemorates Legerski’s many years of commitment to the CMP and marksmanship safety.

“It was only fitting that, upon her retirement, we would forever show our appreciation to Ms. Legerski and her dedication to moving the world of shooting sports forward by honoring her by renaming the competence center here in Anniston,” he said. Gina Johnson. , CMP Chief of Staff. “CMP is a better place because of your participation and leadership.”

“Ma’am. Legerski’s excitement and love for CMP will be sorely missed,” Johnson added.

Past Board members such as EC (Cris) Stone spoke about Legerski at the ceremony banquet.

Judith Legerski was appointed to CMP’s original Board of Directors by the Western Togo Secretary of the Army in 1996, when Congress privatized the company. She held various positions during her tenure, she was elected president in October 2011 and served until her retirement in September 2022.

Retired Board members Harry Sieben and Cris Stone attended and spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony and opening ceremony, along with CMP President and CEO Jerry O’Keefe. Current board members Regina Chavis and Ed Newell also attended.

Many of Legerski’s family members attended the ceremony to show their support.

The Wyoming family turned out in droves to support Judy. The family group included her husband Don; his son Greg, who was accompanied by his wife Adele and his daughter Nora Legerski; her daughter Angie Legerski Glassock was accompanied by her daughter Olivia and her sons Luke and Marko; and her daughter Kate Legerski was joined by her fiancé Todd Druse. Several family friends were also present.

A fun day at the shooting range was held for the guests of the ceremony at the CMP Talladega Shooting Park.

After the opening ceremony, Legerski and distinguished guests enjoyed appetizers and dinner. The next day, the group retreated down the road to CMP’s 500-acre outdoor facility, Talladega Marksmanship Park, for a day of fun and marksmanship competition.

About Judith Legerski:

Throughout her professional career, Legerski has held several senior positions, including as a member and vice chair of the Department of Defense Advisory Committee for Women in the Service, and in support of the Secretary of the Army as a civilian assistant for 28 years. she now holding the title of Emeritus Civil Aide. Legerski continued to be active in a variety of community and state efforts.

The Talladega invitees were trained on bench shooting at the 600-yard field.

Legerski guided the CMP from its inception, providing leadership through a period of dramatic and sustained growth. In addition to establishing many of the programs in existence today, she has always been a strong advocate of youth marksmanship and can be credited with the success and prestige of CMP Junior Air Rifle Camps. Judy has a true love of marksmanship and is known for shooting targets in Wyoming with her husband of 56 years, Don. The couple share three children and six grandchildren.

About the Judith Legerski CMP Competence Center:

The Judith Legerski CMP Competition Center is home to CMP South, including several staff offices, an open commons area, the CMP South Store, and an 80-point indoor electronic shooting range for air pistols.

The CMP South store is stocked with a variety of necessities such as ammunition, equipment, firearms, CMP memorabilia, and other essentials. The range offers Open Public Nights every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm CST, where people of all ages are welcome to try their hand at air pistols. Guests can also visit the shooting ranges by appointment Monday through Thursday. In addition, the range hosts a variety of local, state and national competitions and events throughout the year. Learn more at

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