CMP Board Member Highlights: Will Dantzler

The CMP Board of Directors is currently comprised of 9 individuals who share the same common interest: advancing marksmanship in the United States through safety opportunities, competitions, and programs. While their goals are mutual, they come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing with them their own unique experiences for the betterment of the organization. Here, we learn a little more about the people who are helping to lead CMP into the future.

will dantzler

Native city:

He grew up in Dayton, Ohio. She now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How did you initially hear about the CMP?

From a former board member, Carolyn Hines.

Why did you decide to join the CMP Board?

Support CMP’s mission with my information technology and ideation skills.

What do you hope to achieve as a member of the CMP Board?

Significantly expand our reach to America’s youth and introduce them to marksmanship, highlighting the personal development and skills they can achieve.

What are some of your hobbies: exercise, movies, knitting, favorite sports teams, etc.?

I like to play racquetball, golf, and chess.

What is a life motto you like to live by?

Embrace your past, focus on the future.


will dantzler He is Co-Founder and Vice President of Rofori Corporation, a company focused on cybersecurity threat awareness and mitigation in the public and private sectors. He graduated from the Air Force Academy and served as a wing commander with the 351st Strategic Missile Wing at Whiteman AFB. He received his master’s degree from Central Missouri State University and his MBA from the University of Missouri. He is excited about his position on the CMP Board of Directors and the impact CMP is having in building leadership qualities among America’s youth.

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