CMP announces the retirement of three prominent board members

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) would like to announce the retirement of three long-time board members: Judith Legerski (Chair), Jon Bengtson (Treasurer), and Harry Sieben (Secretary). Each played an important role in founding the CMP as a renowned organization while also serving their country through charity and public office. The CMP would like to thank each one for their years of vital contributions to marksmanship and wish them well in their retirements.

Judith Legerski:

Judith Legerski was appointed to CMP’s original Board of Directors by the Secretary of the Army in 1996 when Congress privatized the company. She held various positions during her tenure, being elected president in October 2011 and serving in this position until her retirement in September 2022. Outside of the CMP, Legerski held several important positions, including serving as a member of the Department of Defense Advisory Committee for Women in services and in support of the Secretary of the Army as a civilian assistant for 28 years, now holding the title of civilian assistant emeritus. On top of all this, Legerski remained active in a number of community and state efforts.

Legerski guided the company from its inception, providing leadership through a period of dramatic and sustained growth. In addition to establishing many of the programs in existence today, she has always been a strong advocate of youth marksmanship and can be credited with the success and prestige of CMP’s Youth Air Rifle Camps. Judy has a true love of marksmanship and is known for shooting targets in Wyoming with her husband of 56 years, Don. The couple share three children and six grandchildren.

In the spring of 2023, the South CMP Center of Competence in Alabama will be formally dedicated as the Judith Legerski CMP Center of Competence to commemorate her contributions to youth marksmanship.

Jon Bentson:

Jon Bengtson was appointed to the CMP Board in August 1999. He served as Board Treasurer for most of his tenure and is credited with executive-level oversight of CMP’s finances as the company expanded exponentially. He was pleased to share his in-depth knowledge of financial management with CMP staff and was very much a mentor to CMP managers, instilling a wealth of knowledge during his time with the organization.

Bengtson was the Nevada civilian assistant to the Secretary of the Army from 1991 until his retirement in 2005. He is the founder of AirWire Technologies, a mobile network company, and has held various senior executive positions at International Game Technology, The Sands Regent Hotel Casino, Radica Games LTD and ShareGate Incorporated. Bengtson also served on various local charitable boards.

Major General (R) Harry Sieben:

Harry Sieben spent 24 years on the CMP Board of Directors, serving as Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Board. Sieben also played an invaluable role as CMP’s corporate counsel, where his legal acumen and common sense guided CMP through a series of complex actions. A lawyer with the Sieben Carey Law Firm in Minneapolis, Sieben previously served seven years in the US Army Reserve Military Intelligence Branch and 35 total years in active and reserve military service. He was a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard, where he served in many capacities, including acting adjutant general for the state of Minnesota, before being promoted to major general in 2003.

Sieben also served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1971 to 1985, elected president from 1981 to 1985. In October 2006, he was sworn in as Minnesota’s civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army and now holds the title of Emeritus Civilian Aide.

To continue his legacy, CMP has dedicated four $20,000 scholarships to be distributed to exceptional student-athletes, one each for retiring Board members, as well as in memory of Dr. Carolyn Hines, who was a of the founders of the CMP Scholarship. Program. Learn more at

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