C’Mon Early Season Deer Hunting with Nomad’s Stretch-Lite Collection for Hot Weather Hunts

Year after year, the first hunting days don’t seem to come soon enough, but just because it’s hunting season doesn’t mean the weather will cool down. For many hunters who take advantage of early-season hunting opportunities, summer seems to hold a firm grip well into fall, and warm afternoons are the norm.

The warmer hunting climate offers challenges and advantages. Going out early in the season offers hunters more daylight hours and more opportunities in the old days we all love. Early season hunts in mild or warm weather are a great opportunity to introduce new hunters to the lifestyle. Hunts in warmer climates can provide more mixed opportunities combined with angling and fishing.

However, those same hot days pose many problems related to sweating and overheating during a hunt. Hot weather hunts can seem like more of a challenge to dress and equip, considering most hunting clothing is designed for cooler weather.

Nomad hunters recognized the need for a line of warm weather, early season clothing designed to engage hunters in the game. Made from quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric designed for freedom of movement, Nomad’s Stretch-Lite line is the perfect solution for those early season hunts.

Nomad Stretch-Lite Long Sleeve Shirt –

The Stretch-Lite T-shirt was designed to be lightweight and quick-drying. This warm-weather hunting shirt keeps hunters cooler when temperatures rise by wicking sweat and promoting evaporation. The long sleeves and button down neck design work to keep out biting insects and the sun’s harmful UV rays. The ergonomic 4-way stretch design offers plenty of room for movement when climbing a stand, drawing a bow, or swinging a shotgun on early season game birds.

  • 4-way stretch
  • Perforated back and under sleeve.
  • Light
  • Fast dry

Nomad Stretch-Lite Pant-

Nomad’s Stretch-Lite Pants are designed to be lightweight and quick-drying while remaining durable. 4-way stretch pants are the perfect solution for hot weather hunting situations.

  • Water, stain and abrasion resistant exterior
  • 4-way stretch
  • Bag with mesh pockets to reduce weight and increase ventilation
  • Back zip pockets
  • Ventilation and security in the zippered thigh pocket
  • gusseted crotch
  • articulated knees
  • Reinforced Never-Pop Woven Button
  • Anatomical shaping for fit, comfort and performance.
  • 100% polyester

Marolina Outdoor Inc. was founded to provide in-depth product expertise across all outdoor categories. Our innovative designs and technology-focused products create the foundation for our authentic outdoor apparel. Huk apparel represents a fresh take and unique understanding of the needs of fishing, offering functional styles that appeal to anglers of all ages. Nomad is motivated to provide quality clothing so hunters can maximize their hunting experiences and provide sustenance regardless of the size of the game or where their activities take them.

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