Clinic provides tune-up for Max Soviak Rimfire Sporter Rifle Match

In preparation for the Max Soviak National CMP Rimfire Sporter Match the following day, 41 competitors took advantage of live fire position training at the CMP Sports Competition Clinic on Friday, July 7 at Camp Perry’s Viale Range.

The party was named for Max Soviak, a US Marine Corpsman from Berlin Heights, Ohio, who was killed by a suicide bomber while helping evacuees in Kabul, Afghanistan. This year, the CMP paid tribute to Max’s service, sacrifice and memory by naming the annual CMP Rimfire Sporter Match in his honor.

Clinic attendees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rim range one day before the game and had plenty of time and ammunition to go over prone, seated, and standing positions, shooting in slow and rapid fire stages at 50 and 25 yards.

Rimfire shooters compare notes on left-hand shooting technique.

The CMP handed out 50 rounds of ammunition to all the participants and loaner sporter rifles to those who needed them for the clinic. Attendees who brought extra ammo used the extra rounds to polish up their practice session. The live fire class was held in two relays, so families and friends were able to share equipment.

Brian Young, 43, of Wattsburg, PA, and his son, Gunnar, 13, enjoyed some family time at the shooting range and used the clinic as a warm-up for Saturday’s game. On game day, Brian shot the match in the open sights class and Gunnar trailed by just seven points, shooting in the telescopic class. Like other families at the shooting range both days, the match provided an opportunity to enjoy the sport in a family environment.

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