Chestnut Hill Outdoor Site Selection and Soil Preparation for Spring Planting

Alachua, Florida (January 26, 2023) – For those planning their spring planting early, Chestnut Hill Outdoors offers a wide range of tools and knowledge hunters need to enrich their soil and ensure plants thrive for many years to come. Mast orchards are a very effective and popular way to attract and retain more wildlife. Expert hunters should remember the 5 P’s: Proper planting prevents poor performance.

Planning is essential to maximize a property’s potential to house and feed whitetails. First, select the optimal site for each specific variety of trees and shrubs. Choose a location with good soil drainage. Most mast-producing trees and shrubs prefer well-drained sandy loam soils, but will grow in other well-draining soil types. Avoid areas with soil that remains wet for long periods, such as stream bottoms or low-lying places that remain saturated during spring snowmelt.

Plants are built to withstand winter cold, but too much cold at the wrong time can damage growth and fruit set. Avoid frost pockets where cold air or late frosts settle to valley bottoms, where unseasonable frosts can damage flowers and fruit. Instead, look for areas with good air circulation, such as on the top or side of a hill.

Plants need the right combination of three things to grow: moisture, soil nutrients, and sunlight. Choose a location with good sunlight. In general, that means open areas. Old, abandoned fields are great places to establish mast gardens. If you have food plots, plant trees along the edges rather than in the middle, as deer will be more inclined to feed along the edges during the day. You can even plant in the woods, as long as you choose tree drop holes or canopy openings where taller trees will get plenty of sunlight above.

Don’t be afraid to think backwards. In addition to searching for the optimal site for each specific variety of pole-producing trees and shrubs, consider finding out which species will do best in your chosen areas. Also, consider the position of each mast plot, and try to position them, so they work in conjunction with each other and with other landscape features.

Chestnut Hill is the best place to buy your deer feed plot and attractants because they offer a great selection, their plants are bred specifically to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different growth levels. To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from their products, they also provide good advice and instructions on proper planting and care. For more information on Chestnut Hill Outdoors products and how to care for them, visit or call (855) 386-7826.

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