C&H Precision Partners with Holosun to Launch ACSS Vulcan Mounting Plate

C&H Precision Weapons releases a new mount for Holosun optics. Holosun’s 509 ACSS Vulcan is a collaboration with Primary Arms and uses a unique chevron reticle reflex sight with a full enclosure. C&H has made mounting a breeze with custom plates explicitly for this optic.

Many shooters and gun owners who bought or built their firearm from scratch use the tried and true three-dot iron sight arrangement. Many of us spend a lot of time on the shooting range to achieve better shot placement. While three-dot iron sights are pretty good, the Holosun HE509 Powered Red Dot Sight with Vulcan ACSS Reticle is almost guaranteed to help you improve your accuracy.

Mounting a pistol optic not only helps improve a pistol’s ease of use, but also allows the user to present excellent optics with a new design on the pistol of their choice. These optics increase the user’s ability to achieve a target, aim safely and offer a higher rate of controlled fire.

Both Holosun and C&H Precision are excited about this joint effort to produce the strongest, most durable and most widely used mounting plates for the 509 ACSS.

The new ACSS Vulcan plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from the Georgia coast. Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines, and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before it is shipped to our customers. Contact C&H Precision Weapons for agency/department discount program information.

C&H Precision Weapons (CHPWS) is a small, family owned and operated business serving the shooting community from our store located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. We specialize in precision hand built rifles, custom 1911s, pistol slide upgrades, and the design and manufacture of special projects within the firearms industry. All work is done in-house by real gun builders, real engineers and professional shooters.

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