Central Georgia families prepare for squirrel hunting season

Squirrel hunting is for beginners, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says squirrel hunting means more action for energetic youngsters.

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — It’s almost time for hunting season, and small game hunters across Georgia will soon be putting squirrel meat on their tables and in their freezers.

Will Davis is teaching his 4-year-old son, Paxton, a family trade.

“Can you see the orange target?” Will asks.

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The hobby has been passed down from generation to generation.

“Ever since I can walk, I’ve been hunting, fishing. We practically live to hunt. When it’s not hunting season, we’re waiting for it to be hunting season,” Will said.

Right now the target is the orange discs, but soon it will be furry tails.

“I spent more time falling and crawling when we were squirrel hunting. I have fond memories of that when I was younger than [Paxton] starting to hunt squirrels,” said Will.

Squirrel hunting is basically for beginners. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says that squirrel hunting means more action for energetic youngsters. You don’t have to be so quiet, and you can walk.

Paxton may just be a beginner, but he says his shot is sharp for the start of the season.

“It’s super good, super good,” Paxton said.

Licensed hunters may kill up to 12 gray squirrels or foxes per day during the season.

They are not just for showing off as trophies, they also make good food.

“Anything we hunt, of course, we eat, we don’t just shoot it for fun. So if we can’t eat it, we don’t shoot it,” Will said.

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Even if his shot misses the target, he still has good company.

“Hunting is fun, but seeing everyone is also a good time. I was raised hunting and I want to continue with Paxton and my 18-month-old Knox when I’m old enough,” said Will. .

It’s a right of way in the Davis family.

People can officially start the squirrel hunt on Thursday, August 15. The season in Georgia lasts until February 29.