CCI Rimfire Ammunition Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary of Velocitor HP 22 LR Rimfire Ammunition

Twenty years ago, CCI’s product development team set out to create a 22 LR with increased downrange energy, deep penetration, and reliable accuracy. The Hollow Point (HP) 22 LR Velocitor was created to meet those goals and over the last two decades has become a favorite of hunters and shooters.

“Products that don’t work don’t last twenty years,” said Justin Ruegsegger, Director of Product Development at CCI. “The design, the quality of the components, and most importantly, its performance is why the CCI Velocitor has been a staple in the CCI product line for 20 years. This product was designed and manufactured to maximize the performance of a 22 LR small game cartridge.

The CCI Velocitor shoots flat and hits hard. The round boasts a velocity of 1,435 feet per second (fps), which is 200 fps faster than other 22 LR loads with the same bullet weight. The 40-grain copper-plated hollow point combines impressive down-range power, deep penetration with excellent weight retention and accuracy. This combination of bullet weight and performance makes the Velocitor an excellent hunting round.

“Like all CCI products, the creation of the Velocitor was a team effort,” said Ruegsegger. “There was a wide range of CCI employees who helped bring this product to market from the first round idea to product testing and logo creation. A contest was held to name the new product and one of the employees came up with the name Velocitor. Having products that last for several decades shows the quality of products that CCI continues to make over many generations of shooters by hardworking men and women who hold their products to the highest standards.”

CCI’s Velocitor HP 22 LR combines impressive speed and downrange energy with over 100 foot-pounds of energy at 100 yards, ideal for longer-range shots. The Velocitor HP is sold in boxes of 50 rounds.

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