Buckeye introduces the scope head

Irving, Texas – In an age where front sonar is an increasingly useful tool in a bass angler’s arsenal, Buckeye Lures has relied on Elite Series pro Jacob Powroznik to design the perfect head to present a bait for fishing. at various levels of the water column. The new Buckeye Scope-Head does just that, whether it’s an upright or pendulum presentation.

“You can fish the Scope-Head in many ways,” explains Powroznik. “It shines in all sorts of vertical presentations, but it also kills when fished horizontally. It just seems to have some complexities that set it apart.”

Featuring an innovative double ring design utilizing a wire ring on the shank, the Scope-Shad also has a ring on the belly weight that is designed to keep the bait of your choice attached perfectly to the head and in a horizontal position. .

“I really think this is the most realistic head design on the market,” says Powroznik. “A natural looking bait affairs, especially in the winter. The Scope-Head will give you natural.”

Pairing perfectly with the Yamamoto Scope Shad, the Scope-Head is available in 4 different sizes and 6 different colors that are guaranteed to turn onlookers into biters.

Originally founded in 2000, Buckeye Lures has built a reputation for quality over the years with a continual look to the future. To learn more about Buckeye, visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media outlets.

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