Brownells Introduces BRN-4 Construction Kits Compatible With HK416 Parts

Brownells customers can now purchase BRN-4 build kits and parts compatible with popular HK416-style rifles and pistols, at significant savings compared to rare and hard-to-find original factory kits.

The build kits combine new Brownells BRN-4 barrels, bolt carrier groups, gas pistons, gas blocks, barrel nuts and other parts with factory original HK416 handguards and bare tops.

Factory new BRN-4 barrels are available in 10.4”, 14.5” or 16” lengths in heavy or medium profiles. BRN-4 construction kits include the special barrel nut wrench required for installation.

The stripped tops in the kits are original surplus made in Germany, and part of a unique batch of parts that Brownells was able to obtain a few years ago. Stripped German tops may show signs of wear, are limited in number and will not be replaced once sold out.

Uppers completed with Brownells BRN-4 kits and parts are fully compatible with standard HK416 and AR-15 style lowers.

In addition to complete kits, BRN-4 parts can be purchased individually, which is ideal for customers who only need a part or two to complete or repair an HK416-style firearm.

To see the complete line of BRN-4 kits and parts, visit the BRN-4 at Brownells page.

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