Brownells donates $22,222 to national and state gun rights organizations

Brownells donated $22,222 to three different gun rights organizations as part of the second annual 2A Day celebration held on February 22, 2023.

The organizations receiving a check for $22,222 are the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and the Iowa Gun Coalition.

“As a defender of the Second Amendment, Brownells is proud to support the fundamental right of individuals to own firearms,” said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. “We believe that responsible gun ownership is essential to safeguarding the freedoms of all Americans. That’s why we’re honored to contribute $22,222 to the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners America, and the Iowa Gun Coalition.”

Most recently, the Second Amendment Foundation has been involved in lawsuits against ATF’s attempts to regulate non-firearms as firearms, New York’s attempt to largely ban concealed carry and Semi-automatic firearms bans in Illinois.

Gun Owners of America filed a lawsuit over the ATF’s attempt to ban gun braces, as well as anti-gun laws in New York and Oregon.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition helped Iowa amend its state constitution with a guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms and is supporting a state bill that would allow gun owners to keep their firearms in their cars when are parked in places that prohibit taking them inside.

For more information on how Brownells advocates for the 2North Dakota Amend and encourage customers to live a 2A lifestyle, visit the Trigger Times page on

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