Blue Payment Agency Inc. announces a redesign of its payment processing website focused on firearms and tactics

According to Alex Roy, President of Blue Payment Agency Inc., “The purpose of the redesign is to align with our focus on federally licensed firearms dealers (also called FFL dealers) who perform background checks and on sites tactical websites that sell knives, survival products, and non-lethal weapons like pepper spray and stun guns.

When Blue Payment Agency first opened in 2014, it had a more generic approach to high-risk payment processing. However, a few years ago, the company began to focus almost exclusively on providing credit card processing to FFL dealers, ammunition dealers, online knife sites, and tactical websites that sell items like stun guns and pepper spray.

According to Blue Payment Agency, their focus on the firearms and tactical payments space has allowed them to be truly experts in the field. Alex explains it this way: “Credit card payments can be complex. Adding another variable, in this case, providing retail and e-commerce payment support, to a highly regulated group of companies like FFL dealers only compounds that.”

Payment processing needs to be set up correctly to be stable, and the mix of e-commerce FFL-to-FFL shipping, ammo sales, face-to-face transactions, and even auction sales on popular sites like GunBroker adds to the complexity. . Integrations should work with POS systems, as well as auction panels and a host of shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix.

Mr. Roy puts it this way: “Our day-to-day experience with tactical businesses and FFLs gives us experience we wouldn’t have if our approach was more watered down. We pride ourselves on knowing the details. Whether it’s a collectible knives and swords website; an ammunition dealer; an FFL dealer who wants to consolidate their retail payment processing, website, and auction under one roof; or a personal protection website that hopes to sell pepper spray without fear of having its payment processing shut down due to violation of its payment gateway’s terms and conditions, the ability to use a payment processor for all transactions it has the added benefit of simplifying accounting responsibilities as well. ”

Can FFL dealers legally accept credit card payments for online gun sales?

Yes, but only by following federal law. Here’s how Alex Roy describes the process: “When a prospective firearm buyer visits a federally licensed dealer’s website and purchases a gun online, they are considered a transferee. Under no circumstances is a firearm shipped directly to the buyer. During the checkout process, the gun buyer must select a local FFL dealer where he will pick up his purchase. Your background is checked, face-to-face, using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This verification is done by a local dealer who, like the online seller, is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).”

Firearms, tactical, and online survival companies must overcome a number of challenges, including prohibited activity lists that prevent them from using many common payment gateways, merchant accounts, shopping carts, and even POS systems. Blue Payment Agency Inc.’s focus on the industry is designed to build institutional expertise, enabling them to provide faster and more accurate advice and assist FFL dealers and tactical business owners with credit card processing. affordable and stable while reducing the stress level of tactical business. owners looking for a payment processing partner.

Blue Payment Agency’s newly focused and redesigned website has sections on software integrations, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce, along with niche platforms like GunBroker.

Blue Payment Agency’s newly designed website can be found at: