Blind Review Rig’Em Right HydeOut XL

The Rig’em Right HydeOut XL has been in our hands for almost six months now. We had a chance to use it in turkey and deer season, as well as on a couple of photography and scouting trips. The ability to see through this shade, as well as the GORE® OPTIFADE® subalpine pattern on this shade, makes it a great addition to our toolkit.

The Rig’Em Right blind has a 360 degree view, which is a bonus in helping you see through the blind in all directions. It requires you to keep your movements to a minimum and your lights and cell phones dimmed during the low light of the morning, otherwise you will be quickly caught up in dark conditions. After sunrise, it’s more than okay to take out your cell phone. With the entire blind covered in Sitka Optifade, you can keep your camo gear and ignore the black hoodie you’ve been wearing with other blinds. Even the case is covered with Optifade so you can store it in plain sight.

The blind has silent entry and clips for all windows. You can roll up the windows and use them to shoot around the blind. The windows are large, which is great, but in high winds it has a tendency to turn the blind into a sort of wind sail. We used Orange Screws to keep the shutter on the ground in severe wind and were able to secure the shutter in sustained 20+ mph winds during our spring turkey hunt. It was an adventure and when the winds blew over 40mph we decided to raise the stakes and get out of the wind. We knew the turkeys would not come out and our day was over.

One of the problems with most blinds is the blind bag. This is one of the areas where Rig’Em Right has knocked it out of the park. It comes in a larger than average blind bag and the backpack straps make carrying easy with padded shoulder straps. The blind itself comes with straps to add sticks, twigs, and grasses to the blind to color it all up. The heavy-duty steel tent pegs can be thrown away and replaced with small orange screws.

As with any blind, keep your voice low and your movements slow and relaxed and you will maximize success. This blind is easy to plan and hunt and more importantly see through which is important to us especially when taking young hunters out into the field.

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