Blackhawk’s Zach Rodman and Jared Halbert top first at South Carolina Tactical Games

blackhawk®leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, congratulates tactical athletes Zach Rodman and Jared Halbert on their first place finish at The Tactical Games 2023 South Carolina Team Event, held at The Sawmill Training Complex.

Similar to individual tactical game events in terms of structure, team events see two competitors working together to complete various physical and marksmanship stages as quickly as possible. Rodman and Halbert ran Blackhawk T-Series® Foundation Series Tac Nylon holsters and gear, including plate carrier and belt, to help them secure first place in the Men’s Elite Division.

“Jared and I have competed against each other since 2019,” Rodman said. “We first met on the front lines in Mississippi, and have remained good friends ever since. I’m more of a team-oriented person by nature, so having Jared as a partner for the last two years has been great. Not only is he a great teammate, but as a former champion, he knows what it takes to win. He pushed hard individually, but there’s an element of not letting your teammate down that makes you push even harder.”

The duo, who previously placed second when they competed together last season, praised the Foundation Series and T Series covers as a major contributor to their success in both individual and team competition.

“The Foundation series plate carrier is very minimalist, but still holds standard size plates,” Halbert said. “This design makes it easy to traverse obstacles where other plate carriers would get stuck. Additionally, removable plate options have proven to be excellent for mission specific payloads. Likewise, I’m also pretty particular about holsters, and the T-Series is not only fast, but it also retains the gun through any type of movement.”

Blackhawk T-Series Holsters with Leg Straps are optimally designed to maintain proper holster position and security as competitors navigate unconventional obstacles throughout The Tactical Games. Foundation Series Tac Nylon gear provides competitors with some of the lightest gear in its class without sacrificing durability or modularity, which is critical to maintaining speed and strength while using heavy plate carriers.

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