Blackhawk® Tactical Athletes Dominate at Utah Tactical Games

Jared Halbert takes first, his teammate Ehea Schuerch takes second

blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for more than 20 years, congratulates tactical athletes Jared Halbert and Ehea Schuerch on their strong performances at The Tactical Games Utah regional event. Halbert took home first place in the Elite Men’s Division, while his teammate Schuerch placed second in the Elite Women’s Division.

Following his most recent victory in the South Carolina Tactical Games matchup in the team event, Halbert returned to the podium as the winner of the Men’s Elite Division. Throughout the competition, Halbert wore a full suite of Blackhawk gear, including a T-Series® holster, Foundation Series Tac Nylon plate holder and belt.

“Utah was very hot, and the smaller size of the Foundation Series Plate Carrier helped keep me comfortable,” Halbert said. “I was able to win both action shooting stages during the match by having a holster that allows for a quick draw and a sling that is quick to manipulate, which helps when split seconds matter. Several times I was also able to stow rifle magazines in the cummerbund of my plate carrier instead of on the back of my belt, which allowed me to position my pistol pouches in more advantageous positions.”

Her teammate Ehea Schuerch battled injuries and a fierce field of competitors to take second place in the Elite Women’s division.

“This weekend was an opportunity to put my last two months of training to the test,” said Schuerch. “The second day, when I sprained my ankle, everything became a challenge, but it was me against me. Fortunately, my Blackhawk gear is rugged and reliable no matter the environment. I’ve put my Foundation Series Holster Belt and Plate Carrier through the doorbell and they still work perfectly.”

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