Blackhawk® Recognizes Sales and Trade Partners at the 2023 IWA OutdoorClassics Show

blackhawk®A leader in law enforcement and military equipment for more than 20 years, it has recognized four industry partners for outstanding sales performance and partnership efforts during the 2023 IWA OutdoorClassics Show, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany.

German dealer Helmut Hofmann received Blackhawk’s 2022 Best Four International Dealers award. Helmut Hofmann distributes Blackhawk holster systems and other products to the German Army, the German Customs Police, and many other military units and law enforcement agencies. Helmut Hofmann recently helped outfit the Niedersachsen State Police with 8000s of the new Blackhawk T-Series L3D holster system.

Swiss dealer B&T AG also received the award for the top four international dealers of 2022. B&T AG supplies Blackhawk holster systems to the Swiss Army and numerous law enforcement agencies throughout Switzerland. The company has enjoyed great success with the Blackhawk T-Series® covers for protection and concealment.

Another Top Four International Distributor winner was Blackhawk’s French distributor, WELKIT. They specialize in supplying the French armed and police forces with a wide variety of equipment. WELKIT provides Blackhawk holsters and tactical gear to the French National Police, French Special Forces, and various other military and police units.

Blackhawk also awarded Glock® with the 2022 Tender King Award for the association of the company that won the French Army’s big pistol contract, which included the Blackhawk T-Series L3D holster with multiple platforms and the quick disconnect system.

“Blackhawk is extremely proud to work with these outstanding companies that provide the men and women of their military and law enforcement agencies with the equipment they need to serve the citizens of their counties every day.” said Chuck Buis, Blackhawk’s Director of International Sales.

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About Blackhawk

In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his equipment fell to the ground, he swore that if he got out of there alive, he would make the equipment the right way. Today, this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. We are constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide gear that won’t let you down. Because we are not just doing things, we are fulfilling a vow.