From educational tips to hilarious bloopers, Bill Dance and his Tennessee hat are an icon in the world of fishing. KastKing, a leader in innovative fishing products, is pleased to announce that legendary angler, educator, and television personality Bill Dance has joined the KastKing team. Mr. Dance will be representing a variety of KastKing’s premium fishing lines. The KastKing line will be featured on the 2023 season of Bill Dance Outdoors, a show that grew from a small local station to airing in every state with 18 million viewers.

“I have had the sincere privilege of working with some of the legends of fishing throughout my years in the industry, and I cherish every memory created on both a business and personal level. One of the things I appreciate most about the people who make our industry so special is the passion they bring to our sport every day. Their willingness to share their thoughts and ideas has a lasting impact on the fishing consumer, and each one has a special way of touching the hearts of anglers across America. Possibly the best example of this is the newest addition to the KastKing team, the “GOAT”, Bill Dance! said KastKing President Al Noraker.

“Line is a big category for me,” Dance said. “Al Noraker called me and told me about his new line. I was impressed with his offerings and what they have planned for 2023 and invited Mr. Noraker to come and spend the day with me,” she added.

As Bill Dance and Al discussed the future of Bill Dance Outdoors and KastKing, Al couldn’t help but notice that his walls were lined with memorabilia from Bill Dance and other fishing legends. A simple plaque on his desk read: “Dr. Bill’s dance. He received an Honorary Doctorate in Natural Resources in 2021 from the University of Tennessee for his decades of fishing instruction, television presence, and tournament success.

“His status in the sport of fishing is unquestionable, and the KastKing team is extremely proud that Dr. Bill Dance uses KastKing fishing line, including our new Hammer Braid, TriPolymer Advanced Monofilament, 13X Finesse Braid, and Kovert Extreme. Fluorocarbon as it educates America’s fishing enthusiasts on how to catch more fish. I am excited to welcome Dr. Bill Dance to the KastKing team and look forward to our next adventure,” said Noraker.

Impressed with what he saw, Dance added: “I like new products with good selling points that are different from everything else. What I liked the most was that KastKing makes many different high-quality lines at affordable prices. Still, I wanted to see what industry leaders thought, so I made a few phone calls to national buyers I trust, some of the most prominent retail buyers in America, and asked if they had heard of the product. They had done it and they encouraged me to take the step.” After the meeting with Al, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it. Now we are part of her family and they are part of ours,” Dance added.

About KastKing:

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