Big Horn Armory Honors First Responders and Military Service Members This Memorial Day Weekend

All first responders and military service members can save 20 percent on an AR500 rifle or pistol when purchased between May 26 and May 28, 2023.

Big Horn Armory (BHA), makers of large-caliber firearms, is proud to announce its Memorial Day sale, honoring and supporting the brave first responders and military service members who dedicate their lives to serving our communities. . Between May 26 and 28, all current and veteran military service members and first responders can enjoy an exclusive 20 percent discount on any new BHA AR500 semi-automatic rifle or pistol. Orders can be placed directly online; first responders simply need to provide proof of service with a valid ID and military service members must provide proof of service with a valid military ID or DD-214 before shipping the weapon. BHA is currently shipping the AR500 from stock and a service representative will contact you within 48 hours to discuss options.

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military. Big Horn Armory recognizes that first responders, including law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel, play a vital role in protecting our communities every day. This Memorial Day sale is the BHA’s way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for all of your selfless service.

“We are honored to show our support for first responders and military service members and veterans who risk their lives to protect and serve,” said Greg Buchel, Big Horn Armory president. “Our Memorial Day Sale is a small token of our appreciation for your dedication and sacrifice. We want to equip them with the best firearms available to ensure their safety and success in the field.”

The AR500 rifle is an AR rifle like no other. Chambered in 500 Auto Max, BHA’s innovative AR500 rifle is the most powerful AR firearm available. BHA was not satisfied with the large-bore cartridge offerings available on the AR platform, so the company made its own. The logical choice was something that would match the power and versatility of BHA’s lever-action Model 89 in a 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. The result was the development of the 500 Auto Max, a rimless 500 S&W Magnum to feed a semi-automatic rifle.

BHA’s bold AR design and large-bore 500 Auto Max cartridge put an unparalleled amount of power into a versatile, fast-firing, and enjoyable rifle. This combination of size, familiar gun manual, available accessories, and on-target power make the AR500 rifle ready to handle almost any situation. The AR500 is also available in an ATF-compliant pistol configuration: the AR500 semi-automatic pistol.

The 500 Auto Max is a rimless 500 S&W Magnum that is easy to get or reload. A very versatile cartridge, it can be had in ammunition loaded with bullets ranging from 350 grns to an amazing 600 grns. The manual loader can take over 55 different bullets ranging from 200gm to 700gm in almost any type of bullet imaginable including hard cast, hollow point, solid monolithic, etc. to the pachyderms to those of Peterbilt. Truck stopping power in a bed that weighs less than 10 lbs. Factory ammunition for the 500 Auto Max is available through Buffalo Bore, Steinel Ammunition, Underwood Ammunition, and Defiant Munitions.

Whether you’re packing 36,800 ft. lbs. of power in a lever action, or building the most powerful AR on the market, BHA’s goal is to give the customer the most bang for their buck.

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About the Big Horn Armory:

Big Horn Armory was founded in 2008 with the express intention of designing a Browning-type lever action weapon chambered in 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. Big Horn Armory’s American-made Model 89 closely follows the work of John Browning with refinements courtesy of modern metalworking and machining capabilities. The first rifles began shipping in September 2012, and since then, BHA has added to its large-bore lineup a Model 90 Carbine in 460 S&W, Model 90A in 454 Casull, Model 90B in .45 Colt, Model 89A in 500 Linebaugh and the Model 89B in .475 Linebaugh. In 2017, Big Horn Armory departed from its lever-action series and developed the AR500 Auto Max, the most powerful short-range semi-auto based on an AR .308 platform.