Bear & Son cutlery display at 2023 Blade Show

Jacksonville, Alabama – Bear & Son Cutlery, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Made in the USA knives, is pleased to introduce its latest 2023 pocket knife collection at the Blade Show, taking place January 2-4. June 2023 in Atlanta. GEORGIA. Be sure to visit booth #5 for an immersive experience with their range of new knives.

One of the highlights of Blade Show 2023 is the Bear & Son Cutlery Widow Butterfly Knives, a new series that sports a red finish on the blade with a black widow and web print resulting in a unique knife that is sure to turn heads. attention. These 5-inch butterflies are available as trainers, drop points, clip points, tantos, and piercing models. With such a diverse selection, there is a perfect widow butterfly knife for everyone. Each knife is constructed with premium torx screws, ensuring a smooth and secure deployment, and a matching T-latch to keep the handles closed firmly.

Another notable addition to Bear & Son Cutlery’s 2023 lineup is the 12-inch Cocobola Gold Rush Bowie. This Alabama-made knife is inspired by the classic Bowie design and showcases exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials. Its wide 7 3/8-inch blade is made of Sandvik 12C27M stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The handles are made of exquisite Cocobola hardwood, chosen for its beautiful grain patterns, rich colors, and natural resistance to moisture. A premium leather sheath and lifetime warranty come standard with this bowie.

Trade show attendees are also encouraged to view the new CB10N pocket knife and experience its impressive functionality and smooth action. This impressive knife features a modified drop point 3 3/8-inch D2 steel blade with a slide-lock mechanism for quick and easy opening. Stainless steel liners and polished steel bolsters complement the aesthetic design of the knife. Additionally, the CB10N features cocobola wood inlays, adding to its visual appeal and creating a stylish contrast to the polished metal. Bear & Son Cutlery CB10N is currently available from stock and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

For more information on Bear & Son Cutlery’s 2023 pocket knives, visit Blade Show Booth 5, download the online product guide, visit or call 256-435-2227.

About Bear & Son cutlery:

Bear & Son Cutlery is steeped in a rich family tradition of knife making and employs a trained and experienced workforce that is capable of many of the additional manual operations that go into making its products. He Bear & Son Cutlery The factory is unique. It is totally autonomous. While some companies just assemble parts brought in from multiple vendors and put their names on the product, Bear & Son Cutlery does everything in-house, from building its own dies to heat treating, grinding and assembling, and finishing products. manual. These steps ensure that Bear & Son Cutlery It is of excellent quality and a real value to both the dealer and the consumer. Their ongoing commitment is to make them in America and make them affordable.