Barnett models of youth bows for young hunters

Archery success starts with a foundation of good shooting, and for young hunters, that means a bow suited to their size and strength. Barnett® understands the needs of aspiring archers and creates recurve and compound bow models for kids, adults and children.

Parents looking for the perfect gift for their young hunter should consider a compound or recurve bow. Barnett builds the gift kids will never forget; the first arc of him!

Vortex™ Compound Bow

With a customizable draw weight from 19 to 45 pounds (at 60 to 70% draw) and a draw length from 22 to 27 inches, the Vortex Compound bow grows with the needs of the teen hunter. The bow on the right features a three-pin fiber optic sight, a catch arrow rest, and a three-arrow quiver. The compound bow is coated in Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country camo to hide from stealthy play.

  • Draw Weight: 19 to 45 pounds
  • Draw Length: 22 to 27 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Break Country
  • Age – Adolescent+

Vortex™ Lite Compound Bow

This ‘lite’ version of the Vortex includes many of the same features, including a three-pin fiber optic sight, catch arrow rest, and three-arrow quiver. It is well suited for young shooters beginning archery with a customizable draw weight of 18-29 lbs. (with 60-70% reduction) and a draw length of 22-25 inches. A black finish on this upright model blends into the shadows.

  • Draw Weight: 18 to 29 pounds
  • Draw Length: 22 to 25 inches
  • Pattern – Black
  • Age – Adolescent+

Mossy Oak® Tomcat™ 2 Compound

The Mossy Oak Tomcat 2’s parallel limb design reduces hand impact for an enjoyable introduction to archery. This bow is suitable for youth ages 8-12 and features a customizable draw weight of 17-22 lbs. (at 60-70% draw) and a draw length of 20-22 inches. The bow includes soft-touch finger rollers, two arrows, and a quiver. Adding a 3-pin “Brightglo” fiber optic sight allows for precise aiming in all lighting conditions and at various distances. This perfect starter bow is wearing Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo.

  • Draw Weight: 17 to 22 pounds
  • Draw Length: 20 to 22 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Age – 8–12

Mossy Oak® Wildhawk™ Compound

Right and left handed shooters will love the Mossy Oak Wildhawk Compound. Its ambidextrous barrel with soft-touch grip suits all archers, making it an excellent beginner bow for younger shooters. Barnett designed this bow with children ages 5-8 in mind. It has a draw weight of 18 pounds and an adjustable draw length of 20 to 22 inches. It features soft-touch finger rollers, two arrows and a quiver, plus an adjustable sight. The Wildhawk sports Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo, matching other bows in Barnett’s youth line.

  • Draw Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 20 to 22 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Age – 7–12

Mossy Oak® Centershot™ Compound

From its customizable 18- to 23-inch draw length to its light 17-pound draw weight, the ambidextrous Centershot is a starter bow that grows with the budding 5- to 8-year-old archer. Finished in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo, the bow features soft-touch finger rollers, two arrows, a quiver, and an adjustable sight—everything a young shooter needs to get started.

  • Draw Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18 to 23 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Age – 5–8

Mossy Oak® Vertigo™ Compound

The 25-pound (drawweight) Vertigo compound adds more power than other introductory models and is suitable for shooters ages 7-10. The Mossy Oak Bottomland Camouflage Bow includes a scope, arrow rest, two arrows and a quiver. Its draw length adjusts from 18 to 22 inches, increasing as the shooter grows. The Vertigo is an excellent first bow that will help hone a young shooter’s archery skills.

  • Draw Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18 to 22 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Age – 7–10

Quicksilver® Recurve Bow

This recurve bow is a great choice for a would-be outdoorsman as it is easier for them to draw back and shoot compared to compound bow models. For slightly younger hunters in the five-to-eight-year age range, the 15-pound, ambidextrous-grip Quicksilvers makes it the perfect bow for beginning archers. They can learn to shoot instinctively. A finger roller, an adjustable sight, and a reinforced, soft-touch grip make it a safe choice for kids getting started with archery.

  • Draw Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Draw Length: 18 to 22 inches
  • Pattern – Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • Includes two 28-inch fiberglass arrows.
  • Age – 5-8

About Barnett Leaf Springs

Barnett is the first and oldest crossbow company with a storied heritage. Founded in 1962, we are the pioneers of the modern crossbow. Barnett’s tradition of innovation has led to numerous “firsts” in the archery and crossbow industry over the past 60 years. Barnett innovates and supplies a wide range of crossbows, youth and vertical bows and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also the leading supplier of slingshots and accessories.

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