Barnett® HeadHunter™ Crossbow Arrows with Strobe Light Nocks

For an even more effective result on every crossbow shot, Barnett® HeadHunter™ Strobe crossbow arrows now come with an innovative strobing nock. These rugged, crescent-shaped polycarbonate nocks feature multi-color strobe lights that are much more effective than static lights in helping you see your shot and find your arrow in low light conditions.

The pressure sensitive design of the HeadHunter Lighted Nocks ensures that they automatically turn on when you fire. They will stay on for up to three days and can be easily turned off with an on/off switch. Available in 20″ and 22″ lengths, they come fully assembled in a pack of three to fill your shell for hunting.

HeadHunter™ Strobe Arrows:

  • For use with any crossbow compatible with standard diameter crossbow bolts that take crescent nocks
  • Available in 20″ and 22″ lengths
  • Fully assembled with multi-color strobe illuminated nocks
  • Tested for durability
  • Easy on/off toggle switch at the base of the nock
  • MSRP$49.99

About Barnett Crossbows

Barnett is the first and oldest crossbow company with a storied heritage. Founded in 1962, we are the pioneers of the modern crossbow. Barnett’s tradition of innovation has spawned numerous “firsts” in the archery and crossbow industry over the past 60 years. Barnett innovates and supplies a wide range of crossbows, upright and youth bows and archery accessories popular with both hunting and recreational shooters. Barnett is also the leading supplier of slingshots and accessories.

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