Baldwin and Bratton claim overall wins during the 2022 Gary Anderson Invitational

Isabella Baldwin, 18, of Nashville, TN, was the 2022 Precision Air Rifle Champion during the Gary Anderson Invitational, which was shot December 2 and 3 at the Civilian Marksmanship Program Indoor Shooting Ranges (CMP) in Ohio and Alabama.

During her win, Baldwin posted an incredible score of 699.8 to surpass 18-year-old Katrina Demerle of Hamilton, Ohio, who had claimed Gary Anderson Invitational victories in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. This year, Demerle earned a total score of 696.0 for second as 15-year-old Jack Ogoreuc of Grove City, PA hit 693.3 for third.

The December event was held at the Gary Anderson CMP Center of Competence in Ohio (pictured) and the Judith Legerski CMP Center of Competence in Alabama.

A field of 285 athletes competed in the Gary Anderson Invitational, which is held annually within the 80-point electronic air pistol ranges at both the Gary Anderson CMP Center of Competence in Camp Perry, Ohio, and the Center for Judith Legerski CMP competition in Anniston, Ala. The Youth Athlete and Precision Air Rifle competition includes prone, standing and kneeling positions for qualification scores, as well as a 10-shot final by all athletes on the line. Winners are determined from scores at both locations.

In sporter, Jennifer (16) and Samantha Zermeno (18) of Fort Mill, SC, from Nation Ford High School, also ranked second and third, respectively, with scores of 642.7 and 641.1. Beating out the Zermenos was Charles Bratton, 18, of Clover, SC, at 648.6.

The Gary Anderson Invitational features shots in three positions: prone, standing, and kneeling.

Along with the individual athletes, the overall event teams were also recognized. Ohio’s American Legion Post 295 (Claudia Muzik, Hailey Singleton, Deitrich Bergman and Braden Michalak) scored 2349-153X for first place in the accuracy competition, while the Nation Ford High School A-Team from North Carolina South (Samantha Zermeno, Jennifer Zermeno, Abril DeCastro and Kees Vandergriff) posted 2191-61X for the top spot in sporter.

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About Gary Anderson:

Mr. Anderson is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and also holds seven world championships, six world records, and 16 national championships. He has won more Olympic and world three-position titles than any other American in history. In 1999, Anderson began a 10-year reign as Director of Civilian Marksmanship, retiring in December 2009.

Today, Anderson serves as DCM Emeritus and continues to mentor new and seasoned shooters, old and young across the country through his articles and classes. Anderson’s advice appears regularly in CMP’s junior magazine, on the mark, and throughout the year during the clinics he runs at CMP events. In 2014, the CMP North Competition Center was renamed the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center, in honor of his years of dedication to the sport.

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