Bajío sunglasses launches new Reader lenses

Performance Eyewear Brand Introduces Radically Clear Blue Light Blocking Reading Lenses For All Full Wrap Frame Styles

Bajío Sunglasses, a maker of sustainably made, blue light filtering performance sunglasses designed to save the world’s estuaries and saltwater flats, has officially added a Readers line to its growing collection of lenses.

Bajío’s radically clear, polarized, blue-blocking readers are designed to amplify the user’s viewing experience. Created for anglers who don’t need prescription sunglasses, but would like more focal power for knot tying and reading electronic devices, the Bajío Readers offer superior magnification and fish detection in just a couple of shades. The brand’s goal with this series of lenses is to help those who have been toggling between readers and their favorite fishing sunglasses on the water. Manufactured to order, Bajío Readers are available in all full frame styles and magnify four different lens options at three magnification powers. Bajio readers are hand built in New Smyrna Beach, Fla and ship within 48 hours.

“We constantly see people walking around with clear readers hanging from their necks while wearing performance sunglasses. Our customers have asked us and we provide a solution with our industry-leading LAPIS polarized lens technology,” said Renato Cappuccitti, Vice President of Operations/Rx. “The Bajío Readers are available in all of our full-wrap sunglass styles with our most popular lens color options, and are designed for our core customer who needs a little extra magnifying power in their lenses.”

Built to order, Bajio readers are fully customizable into our best-selling complete frames including Bales Beach, Boneville, Eldora, Nato, Nippers, Ozello, Palometa, Piedra, Las Rocas, Stiltsville, Toads and Vega with Bajio frames being Made from plant-based nylon that breaks down quickly and is gentler on our oceans after disposal. Bajío Readers are available in Green Mirror, Blue Mirror, Rose Mirror, and Gray polycarbonate lens options, and magnification powers of +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. Each lens features durable anti-scratch properties and oleophobic coatings, making it easy to wash off sunscreen and water. In addition, these lenses feature the brand’s patented LAPIS™ technology that offers exceptional clarity and provides an unmatched viewing experience.

The Bajío Readers Collection is now available for purchase at select retailers or online at To learn more about Bajío’s complete collection of performance fishing sunglasses, visit their readers page at

About the Bajio:

Spanish for “the shallow waters,” Bajío, an independent, employee-owned company, strives to improve the quality of life on the world’s saltwater flats, the ecosystems they support, and the communities that depend on them. Bajío sunglasses are hand-assembled in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and made with sustainability at the forefront, using plant-based materials in their high-quality, proprietary frames and lenses created to filter out the bad and enhance the good. . Follow us at and on Facebook and Instagram at @bajiosunglasses for the latest news and updates on their missions to save the ocean, one floor at a time.