Badlands® Andaire line designed to beat the heat

Sandy, UT – Too hot to hunt is not a concept we are familiar with. That being said, we’ve gotten through some very uncomfortable situations that we may not be too keen on repeating. With those hot hunts in mind, we developed the Andaire line of warm weather gear.

We started with a wish list of performance features we all wanted to see in warm-weather gear. Superior breathability to maintain airflow. Moisture wicking technology to help our bodies regulate internal temperatures. Ultra-fast drying to keep that sticky, sweaty feeling at bay. In other words, we just ask for everything.

And thanks to the Eclipse™ Air-Vent fabric, we’ve been able to achieve it all. This is our lightest, most breathable and hunting-friendly fabric. It is designed to shed as much heat as possible and still survive in the field.

available as male short sleeve outfit either long sleeve crew and a Women’s long sleeve crewAndaire’s t-shirts are as close to wearing nothing as we can design.

In order not to leave the lower half out of the picture, we have also introduced a new Women’s lightweight leggings, which is a warm to hot weather option for the fan-favorite Lagatha Legging. Lightweight four-way stretch fabric (with thigh pockets) offers the comfort of yoga/running pants, with the durability of Badlands.

For men, we have the short walker and Andaire trousers. Both feature the same Eclipse™ Air-Vent fabric as the tops, offering breathability, moisture wicking and quick drying for the heat drenched hunter.

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Now in its 31st year, Badlands continues to focus on exceptional quality, continuous innovation, unmatched performance and, as always, the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the industry.