Avient Collaborates with EZR Sport® to Create Eco-Friendly Firearm Grips

Today, Avient Corporation is pleased to announce a successful new collaboration with EEZER Products®, the EZR Sport® division of Incorporated to develop flexible foam firearm grips. These grips are weather and chemical resistant and compliant with California’s recently passed Proposition 65 law, using Avient’s CORE™ phthalate-free plastisols.

EZR Sport, a US company that specializes in grips for industrial and military firearms manufacturers, required a grip that did not contain phthalates listed in the new law’s chemical labeling requirements. However, the EZR grip also needed to be chemically resistant to gun oil, diethyltoluamide or DEET (the most common active chemical ingredient in insect repellents), and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Avient’s specialty coatings group worked with EZR Sport to combine Avient’s CORE phthalate-free plastisols with EZR’s proprietary manufacturing process, creating the EZR Gauntlet grip system with unique foam cell structure. Grips meet EZR requirements to resist weather and chemicals while maintaining appearance, aesthetics, and green guidelines. They can also provide better grip and cushioning for excellent shock absorption, firm hand placement, and improved control for shooting accuracy.

“EEZER Products® has been a long-time partner of Avient, and it’s a great opportunity for us to support them with their EZR Gauntlet product line,” said Mark Tindell, general manager of Specialty Coatings at Avient.

“Avient’s CORE plastisol formulation has proven to be the perfect match for our stringent material performance criteria, allowing EZR to thrive,” said Bob Atkinson, president of EZR Sport. “The continued assistance of their experts has been instrumental in ensuring our continued progress and achievements.”

In addition to meeting EZR’s material needs, Avient helped EZR with its sustainability goals by changing the way CORE plastisols are delivered. CORE products are now shipped in collapsible, reusable containers. Each container has a low-impact disposable bladder that holds five drums of material. The bladder can help minimize concerns around potentially hazardous liquid waste, can evacuate material more efficiently, and can be compacted after use to save space. Once emptied, EZR can collapse and stack the containers for Avient to collect for future deliveries, reducing the overall environmental impact.

Avient’s CORE™ Phthalates-Free Plastisols are manufactured in North America and available worldwide. This range of solutions is an alternative for markets and applications affected by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) guidelines. These versatile formulations are suitable for multiple plastisol processing methods and can be custom formulated to meet specific customer requirements.

About EZR Sport®

EZR Sport® is a division of EEZER Products®, Inc., known throughout the world as a producer of the highest quality Made in USA grips and sanding products since 1963. EZR Sport uses proprietary materials for its engineered grips in association with Avient Corporation in an effort to use their combined expertise to produce a superior grip for the firearms industry.

About Avient

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