Avidity Arms partners with several premium holster manufacturers

(Fletcher, North Carolina) – After nearly 10 years of laser-focused product development and relentless testing, Avidity Arms released the highly anticipated PD10 pistol and immediately sought industry relationships with a select few companies to meet consumer needs. More recently, Avidity Arms turned its attention to holster manufacturers. The search resulted in partnerships with providers of premium inside and outside the waistband (IWB and OWB) holsters, including dedicated “appendage position” models, capable of meeting the exacting expectations of self-defense experts and worthy of lining up. Branded Avidity Arms. With production PD10 pistols set to ship this month, Avidity Arms has already partnered with three established holster companies: TACRIG, JM4 Tactical, and G-Code, to offer a wide range of IWB and OWB carry options, all of which can be consumable. hands or retail stores when the first PD10s arrive. Collectively, the three companies offer 4 distinct models, all of which will accommodate standard or optics-equipped PD10s, with nearly unlimited configurations for both IWB and OWB.

TACRIG coversConsidered by many to be the most secure holsters in the industry, TACRIG systems add just 0.06 inches via a second rear layer to eliminate the possibility of trigger tampering from the rear. Cross-platform projectiles also allow you to move the firearm with you instead of routinely drawing and holstering it, when most accidents happen. Holsters can be configured for IWB, OWB, or attached to a fixed point. Lastly, TACRIG holsters feature a breathable back layer with a 15 degree slope and a 3mm top flare for easier and more secure holstering. TACRIG holsters are constructed with military-grade, American-made Boltaron shells, allow for easier grip access, and are compatible with mounted optics as well as suppressor height sights. The TACRIG Avidity Arms PD10 IWB FLEX Holster is now available at www.TACRIG.com.

Premium Texan holster manufacturer, JM4 Tactical, offers three custom made-to-order Avidity Arms PD10-compatible holsters, including two for the new patent-pending Relic line: Lonestar Relic OWB, Relic Appendix IWB, and Paddle OWB. All three models feature Grade A Hermann Oak leather for silent drawing and holstering, and Boltaron polymer non-folding shells. Designed to

At the 4 o’clock position, the Lonestar Relic also features fully adjustable ride height, camber, and hold-down, and is available with belt-fed or quick-release clip systems.

G Code Holsters

G-Code offers American-made Avidity PD10 Phenom Stealth IWB and Syncron OWB premium molded holster systems. G-Code’s patent-pending Phenom Stealth IWB Holster is designed for full-size, crossbody, and appendage carry, and features a patented mounting system to quickly draw and holster on and off the belt. The Phenom Stealth also features a precision-machined, hard-anodized 6061 aluminum MoClaw device. The MoClaw is designed to press the grip against the user and, in conjunction with the slim profile of the Phenom Stealth, works to eliminate print. The Syncron is tension adjustable, fits RMR optics and suppressor height scopes, is compatible with all G-Code mounting platforms, and is designed for maximum OWB concealment. With any of the covers, customers can configure an almost unlimited combination of textures, colors, patterns, and other details when purchasing.

About the arms of greed Learn more:Avidity Arms passionately approaches the art of design and the science of engineering with a focus on self defense. The Avidity Arms company was first conceived in 2013, but it took almost a decade to launch its first product, the PD10 pistol. Since the inception of Avidity Arms, the team’s focus on delivering the best concealed handgun has been relentless. In a business world where the only constant is change, and a field of self-defense where the stakes can be life-changing, Avidity Arms remains committed to continuous improvement, best-in-class pistols, and customer service. world class customer. All Avidity Arms product development, testing, manufacturing and service is headquartered in Fletcher, North Carolina. Learn more at www.AvidityArms.com.