Voters in the 2023 Archery Business Association Board of Directors election retained two current Board members and installed a newly elected Board member.

Jon Lené, current Vice Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Bear Archery; Jon DuMars, vice president of sales for Pure Archery Group; and Steve Lambeth, National Sales Manager for Wildlife Research, Inc., were elected by their peers during the recent elections that ran from January 31 to March 1.

“The passion, experience and insights of the ATA Board of Directors are vital to addressing the needs of our members and the ever-changing environment of the archery industry,” said Jeff Poole, ATA President and CEO. “The newly elected, as well as the current members of our Board, are leaders across the industry and we will continue to leverage their expertise to help protect and grow archery and bowhunting.”

Bear Archery and Pure Archery Group will continue to serve on the Board, and Wildlife Research Center, Inc., will join.

“It is an honor to be elected to another term on the ATA Board of Directors and thank you to everyone who voted for Bear Archery and me to represent them,” said Lené. “I look forward to continuing to work with ATA staff and their peers on the challenges facing our industry, including growing the trade show, creating value for our members, and promoting the sports of archery and bowhunting.” .

“I am excited to bring my more than 20 years of experience in the archery industry to the ATA Board and its committees as we work to preserve and grow our great sport for all involved,” said DuMars. “Pure Archery Group is dedicated to supporting the mission of the ATA.”

“The ATA and the archery industry face many challenges, but I look forward to the opportunity to promote the sport we are so passionate about,” Lambeth said. “Every positive contribution we make as an industry and as ATA members can help create a brighter future for archery and bowhunting.”

The four-year term for Lené, DuMars and Lambeth will begin on April 1, 2023 and end on March 31, 2027. Joining Poole are ATA senior directors, current Board members and all ATA members. interested in the 2023 ATA Board of Directors’ meeting held in St. Louis, Missouri on April 18-19.

“I want to thank outgoing ATA Board Member Randy Kitts, who represented Black Eagle Arrows, Conquest Archery and Darton Archery, for his years of service,” Poole said. “We appreciate the work that he has done and the work that he continues to do to improve the industry.”

If you have questions, please contact Allison Jasper at or (507) 233-8136.

About the Archery Trade Association

The Archery Trade Association is the organization of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives, and others who work in the archery and bowhunting industry. The ATA has served its members since 1953. We work to increase the recruitment and retention of new, current and formerly active archers and bowhunters. We are the driving force in advocacy, education and lobbying for the common good of industry and sport. We preserve and promote the rich heritage of archery and bowhunting to ensure active consumer engagement and successful manufacturing and retailing for generations to come. The organization also owns and operates the ATA trade show, the largest and longest-running trade show for the archery and bowhunting industry worldwide.