As hunting season approaches, life-giving warmth gives avid hunters a competitive edge

The Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket is the largest to date and is a “game changer” providing a layer of camouflage and security for hunting expeditions.

With millions of Americans gearing up for hunting season, the winning question is how to stay warm longer and more comfortably, to increase the change of filling your label. In the mornings and evenings, when the wind blows and temperatures drop, keeping extremities warm is a crucial tactic for successful hunting. From staring for hours on an exposed hillside to sitting still in a tree, cold-weather hunting demands an arsenal of high-quality, effective and safe outdoor gear. Life Giving Warmth has introduced a powerful heating solution that provides a competitive advantage for avid hunters everywhere. Dubbed “The Best Outdoor Blanket” by International Sportsman, Life Giving Warmth’s patented Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket is the perfect companion for those cold days at the blind deer or duck stand.

Cold weather conditions can be dangerous when hunting in remote areas. The Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket provides over three hours of continuous heat to allow gamers to start their hunt sooner and stay out later. The Kodiak is a 72″ x 60″ battery powered heating blanket that helps hunters stay warm in the cool hours of the night as well as in active hunting mode. Hunter Melissa Bachman once wrote for OutdoorHub that “Having a thermal blanket with me in both a tree and a hiding place in the ground has been a real game changer.”

Current solutions for keeping warm during excursions, such as open fire or generator heating solutions, risk exposing base camps and driving animals away from the site. The Kodiak gives hunters a discreet option for keeping warm with a rechargeable battery pack that provides the added benefit of charging small electronics with its two USB ports.

“I used the blanket on an overnight trip to Colorado…we were deer hunting. Holy shit, that thing was great. The temperature was 34 degrees Fahrenheit at night and the blanket was toasty most of the night. I had to get out from under it after a while!” said Brian Mosley from New Mexico.

Not just for hunting, anglers also enjoy using the Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket to warm up after a long day on the lake, river, or ocean. These patented blankets are also useful for keeping warm on cold nights, increasing comfort for newcomers, children or even pets, and for keeping warm while stargazing.

The Kodiak Blanket is designed with the avid outdoorsman in mind. Not only is it made from waterproof materials that protect against the elements and make the innovative blanket highly water resistant, it also contains special features that are convenient for an outdoor experience. For example, the Kodiak blanket features a special pocket inside the carrying case that allows you to safely store the battery pack while keeping all controls accessible, two USB ports for charging electronic devices, and a car charger that allows you to recharge the blanket. thermal blanket while on the Come on.

The Kodiak blanket comes in Slate Gray and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and is one of the highest quality battery-powered heating blankets on the market, providing three or more hours of continuous heat across its entire surface. The Kodiak Battery Powered Heated Blanket’s interwoven heating solution heats the blanket in just minutes, includes three heat settings, and provides over twenty times the heated surface area compared to similar products.

The Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket is available at

Bringing added warmth to outdoor recreation, Life Giving Warmth’s Kodiak Battery Powered Heating Blanket transforms lives by allowing everyone to experience more comfort and quality during their time outdoors. Through this, Life Giving Warmth brings greater warmth to life.

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Founded by Paul and Carolynne LaRue, Life Giving Warmth creates portable, battery-powered heated blankets that generate over 3 hours of continuous warmth on a single charge. Life Giving Warmth makes convenient warmth available to everyone with four SKUs on the market, including the Cozee battery-powered heated blanket, the Kodiak battery-powered heated blanket, the ReCover EMS battery-powered heated blanket, as well as a your battery-powered heated blanket. motorized heating blanket being developed for the army. These product offerings are made with a weather-resistant exterior that’s designed to withstand the elements with microfiber lining encasing internal insulation that maximizes heat retention. Life Giving Warmth Battery Powered Heating Blankets come with three heat settings, are completely portable and machine washable. They can be purchased online at