ARMASPEC selects advertising for Chevalier

Moriarty, New Mexico – WEAPONSPEC, designer and manufacturer of premium firearms upgrades and accessories, announces its selection of Chevalier Advertising as agency of record. This partnership combines Chevalier Advertising’s decades of experience in outdoor branding, marketing and advertising with ARMASPEC’s passion for taking firearms functionality and user experience to the next level.

Chevalier Advertising will assist ARMASPEC in public relations and media management to help more Americans know and understand the best photo experiences that ARMASPEC makes possible.

ARMASPEC is perhaps best known for the Stealth™ Recoil Spring Y Sound mitigation buffer™ that improve the cycling of AR-type rifles by silencing and adjusting the damping system, and true ambidextrous Victory™ Carrying Handle with functions optimized for suppressors.

ARMASPEC manufactures improved parts, starting with the essential design needed by end users and improving functionality, quality and materials. Military specs are created to meet the minimum requirements, ARMASPEC goes beyond military specs to improve the functionality, performance, and reliability of that platform.

These principles are the reason why even roadblocks of ARMASPEC are different. CNC’d in house with strictest quality control measures and made from stainless steel because even the seals are part of the AR owner experience.

“Better than milspec, it’s ARMASPEC”

On WEAPONSPEC: Founded in 2013, Armaspec is an American manufacturer of firearm accessories for the AR and Glock platforms. Focusing on producing quality, innovative products that offer a tactical advantage, at a fair price, all made in the USA. The product line includes Magwell Grips, Loading Handles, Parts Kits, Selectors, Stocks, Recoil Systems and other accessories for the firearms industry.