ARMASPEC Fulcrum ambidextrous safety selector

Moriarty, New Mexico – WEAPONSPECdesigner and manufacturer of premium firearms upgrades and accessories, has released the Fulcrum Ambidextrous safety selector. The Fulcrum is available with short 45 degree, full 90 degree or 45/90 degree projection cores.

Featuring a low profile design, the Fulcrum’s contact points are textured for thumb traction and intelligently rounded to effectively roll over the thumb during engagement. This clever design provides more tactile position confirmation than traditional wedge shapes and moves with the arc of the finger, transferring the effort to move the selector instead of resisting it, as so many other designs do. The end result is a selector that is easier to feel with gloves or under pressure, and easier to activate.

Connoisseurs know that, beyond the design, what sets ARMASPEC apart from the competition is the manufacturing quality. The fulcrum is no exception.

Aside from the shape and size of the lever, what operators feel about a safety selector comes from the quality of the drum and detent.

The ARMASPEC Selector Drum is precision machined from stainless steel and finished with a Quench-Polish-Quench (QPQ) process for a firm, definitive and smooth stopping path. When combined with ARMASPEC precision made seals, the Fulcrum selector rests permanently in position, but slides between positions. The end result is a confidence-boosting safety selector that rests firmly in position and quickly shifts to the next.

He Fulcrum has an MSRP of $44.99 and the aluminum levers are available in:

  • anodized black
  • red anodized
  • anodized blue
  • Cerakote Green OD
  • Cerakote MagPul FDE
  • anodized bronze

“Better than milspec, it’s ARMASPEC”

About WEAPONSPEC: Founded in 2013, Armaspec is an American manufacturer of firearm accessories for the AR and Glock platforms. Focusing on producing quality, innovative products that offer a tactical advantage, at a fair price, all made in the USA. The product line includes Magwell Grips, Loading Handles, Parts Kits, Selectors, Stocks, Recoil Systems and other accessories for the firearms industry.

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