APEX Waterfowl TSS/S3 Steel Blend named Editor’s Choice by Petersen’s Hunting Magazine

APEX Ammunition’s line of Waterfowl TSS/S3 Steel Blend shotshells has been named an Editor’s Choice for Petersen’s Hunt magazine in their Gear Annual which can be found on newsstands now. This award comes as APEX is gearing up for the 2022-2023 waterfowl season with new kill loads designed for fast, clean kills.

This is what the editor of the Petersen’s Hunt had to say about this versatile waterfowl loadout:

“This young Mississippi-based company is obsessed with producing premium quality shot shells for avid waterfowl hunters. Offering superior performance, the TSS/S3 Blend combines #9 Super Shot tungsten pellets (18.1 g/cc density) with premium galvanized steel. These charges are designed to help hunters break down their limit……”

These handcrafted “duplex” loads are designed to deliver a hard-hitting payload by combining the company’s premium zinc-coated S3 steel pellets with ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) to maximize pattern density and improve terminal performance to reduce gridlock.

APEX Waterfowl TSS/S3 Steel Blend is now available in 12 gauge loads in several combinations: No. 9 or 7.5 TSS combined with No. 4, 2 or BB S3 steel pellets. In 20 gauge, APEX offers #9 or 7.5 TSS combined with #4 S3 steel pellets.

For more information on APEX Waterfowl offerings, visit: ApexAmmunition.com.

About APEX Ammo

What started in 2017 with a few handmade shells for a hunting trip with friends has turned into an obsession with providing wing shooters with the best performing ammunition possible. Founded by US veterans and hunting enthusiasts in the great state of Mississippi, APEX Ammunition pioneered the commercial application of ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot to create the most accurate, hardest-hitting shot loads in the world. the business. The driving principle behind the company’s continual pursuit of innovation and better performance is its commitment to offering a hunting experience like no other. For more information, visit ApexAmmunition.com.