APEX Ammunition partners with Wild Upland

APEX Ammunition, makers of premium, hand-loaded, ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shotshells, is pleased to announce a partnership with wild uplands – The new upland hunting adventure show from Outdoor Sportsman Group. Hosted by Kali Parmley, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor of GUN DOG Magazine, and Associate Editor Nathan Ratchford, wild uplands takes viewers on journeys through America’s untamed landscapes in search of wild birds. These epic adventures unfold behind the beloved bird dogs, just as eager to hunt as their masters.

“We started APEX Ammunition out of our passion for wing shooting and a desire to create the best shooting experience possible, so wild uplands a perfect fit for us,” said Jason Lonsberry, CEO of APEX Ammunition. “Wild birds are fast and tough, and the pattern performance and knockdown power of our 18.1g/cc TSS cartridges provide a real advantage. Plus, we love how this show focuses on hunting experiences with friends, both human and canine. It’s lovely.”

wild uplands takes viewers on the hunt for Pyrenean Partridges and California Quail in Idaho, Mearns and Scaled Quail in Arizona, Wild Pheasants in South Dakota, Swans and Ducks in Utah, and Grouse in Maine, among other species in various locations across the country.

“We wanted to break away from the norm and create a unique television show that showcased passionate people, unique places, and most importantly, loyal hunting dogs behind the sport we love most: highland hunting,” Parmley said. “APEX Ammunition is dedicated to all wing shooters, including those who walk the highlands and those who are blindsided, and it was a natural partnership for them to join. wild uplands. They understand what passionate hunters need in the field and also share the same love and dedication for aggressive sporting dogs that we do.”

As the stories unfold, viewers will experience the roar of the wild blushes of the flock, the good hits and misses, the laughter and warmth of friendships, and the art of hunting birds about dedicated hunting dogs that do what they want. they like more.

wild highlands The exciting adventures begin airing on the Outdoor Channel Tuesday, April 18 at 6:30pm, 10:30pm and 2:30am on April 19 with new episodes every Tuesday through June 20, 2023. To get For more information, visit Wild Plateau.

About APEX ammunition

What started in 2017 with a few handcrafted shells for a hunting trip with friends has grown into an obsession with providing wing shooters with the best performing ammunition possible. Founded by US veterans and hunting enthusiasts in the great state of Mississippi, APEX Ammunition pioneered the commercial application of ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot to create the most accurate, highest-impact shot loads in the business. The driving principle behind the company’s continuous pursuit of innovation and better performance is its commitment to providing a hunting experience like no other. For more information, visit ApexAmmunition.com.