‘Animal Crossing’ Villager Tier List

“Animal Crossing” refers to the social simulation video game series published and developed by Nintendo. The series was conceptualized and created by Hisashi Nogami and Katsuya Eguchi.

In this game, the player character is a human who resides in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals and can perform various activities such as fishing, fossil hunting, and insect catching.

The series is notable for its open-ended gameplay and use of the video game console’s internal clock and calendar to simulate the actual passage of time.

If this got you excited, wait until you read this article where we will provide you with the “ACNH” villager ranking and villager tier list. Let’s get to him.

The 10 most popular villagers in ‘Animal Crossing’


Personality: lazy

Species: Deer

Beau is the first to make the cut in our top 10 famous “Animal Crossing” villagers. Its simple and cute deer design goes well with his personality. He has a serene expression that fits with his lazy character.


Personality: Average

Species: Squirrel

Ione is absolutely unique for an ordinary villager. Well, she’s a normal squirrel villager who was added to “New Horizons” in late 2021. She’s brand new, she has a tail full of stars, and she looks like a one-of-a-kind ordinary villager, no wonder she landed in our top 10. .


Personality: Smug

Species: Cat

Ankha’s design, name, and tagline are based on Egyptian culture, making this cat unique. The ancient Egyptians revered cats and most “Animal Crossing” players also revered these animals. Worthy of this place.


Personality: lazy

Species: Octopus

No, he’s not the CEO of Facebook, but Zucker here in this game has a takoyaki design that’s definitely a factor in his popularity. His laid back and lazy nature goes well with his expression as well. Many players who like to invite food-themed villagers include Zucker on their “Dreamie” lists.


Personality: Smug

Species: Bear

The sparkly bear Judy is also in our top 10. As one of the new villagers added when “New Horizons” was released, Judy has always been quite popular with players and fans. The colorful design of her and the shiny details of her definitely make her look spectacular.


Personality: lazy

Species: Rabbit

Newcomer Sasha is also on our list. She appears to be a blonde rabbit. Her character design, particularly her sparkling eyelashes and eyes, has won the hearts of many players of this game. She was recently added during the November 2021 2.0 update, so she’s pretty new too.


Personality: lazy

Species: Goat

Sloth villagers seem to be quite popular with many “Animal Crossing” fans. Sherb’s cold expression (usually), cute goat character design, and lazy personality all work well together. Enjoy this place, Sherb!


Personality: cheerful

Species: Deer

Another deer on our list is Shini. From her hikimayu eyebrows to her red horns, she has one of the most unique designs compared to the rest of the other deer villagers. Like Ione and Shino, she along with the other villagers, she was only added to the game during the 2.0 update.


Personality: Cocky

Species: Squirrel

Also taking a spot in our top 10 is the Marshal squirrel. He’s always been pretty popular, and it looks like he won’t be disappearing from any “Animal Crossing” villager rankings anytime soon. Its tiny squirrel design is a highlight of its charm.


Personality: comfortable

Species: Cat

Another cat on our list is Raymond. This smug cat is also famous. To be fair to Raymond, he is quite distinctively designed, lives with heterochromia (since he also wears glasses), and dresses like a business cat. With these, his popularity is understandable.

‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Villager Tier List

Now we come to the other part of this article, the “ACNH” villager tier list.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is a life simulation game released in 2020. Players arrive on a desert island where they need to gather resources and craft items. They also have to perform different tasks to earn rewards and plant new plants to get the food resources of the island. In the tier list below, you will see some of the animals mentioned above in the top 10.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is compiled into various levels. The animals are divided into levels based on their popularity. For example, the S-Tier animals are super popular. Almost everyone wants them on their island. Meanwhile, it has been said that the animals in D-Tier are what some players avoid.

The leading villagers at S tier are Marshall and Raymond, the most valuable villagers in the game. The best villagers at A tier are Meringue and Beau, and they perform almost as well as they do at S tier. Kiki and Wolfgang are the best villagers at B tier.

Subsequently, the leading villagers in the C level are Dotty and Olivia. They are average villagers. The best D-tier villagers are Nan and Hugh. Anabelle and Barol are the most prominent E-tier villagers. Some F-tier villagers are Hans and Quillson, considered the worst villagers in the game.


Ankha, Molly, Fauna, Lolly, Maple, Audie, Dom, Erik, Marshal, Raymond, Zucker, Sherb, Judy, Marina, Stitches

a level

Octavian, Bluebear, Marty, Tangy, Apple, Apollo, Lily, Melba, Fang, Filbert, Sprinkle, Punchy, Tia, Goldie, Meringue, Beau, Diana, Bob, Lucky, Coco, Ketchup, Roald, Merry, Cherry, Poppy, Étoile, Julian, Rosie, Cookie, Pietro

level b

Drago, Dobie, Hornsby, Deirdre, Muffy, June, Peanut, Phoebe, Rudy, Blaire, Sylvana, Kyle, Static, Julia, Wendy, Kiki, Wolfgang, Pekoe, Whitney, Zell, Kabuki, Flora, Chai, Bam, Agnes, Skye, Aurora, Reneigh, Genji, Kid Cat, Bill, Pashmina, Chrissy, Gayle, Bones, Ruby, Daisy, Bianca, Flurry, Fuchsia, Chevre, Katt, Ozzie, Henry, Clay


Frita, Mira, Midge, Cheri, Broccolo, Lopez, Blanche, Lyman, Chadder, Canberra, Gala, Cranston, Olive, Cyd, Carmen, Tammy, Buck(Brows), Maelle, Chelsea, Felicity, Antonio, Agent S, Jeremiah, Willow, Dotty, Olivia, Kidd, Bunnie, Mitzi, Teddy, Hazel, Chief, Alice, Papi, Ellie, Celia, Francine, Eugene, Poncho, Roscoe, Purrl, Shep, Alfonso, Freya, Dizzy, Megan, Snake, Hopkins, Bea, Hamlet, Flo, Wade, Vivian, Bella, Joey, Biskit, Vesta, Lobo, Tutu, Boomer

Level D

Eunice, Sprocket, Moe, Amelia, Goose, Sterling, Egbert, Elvis, Cube, Gonzo, Piper, Admiral, Penelope, Annalisa, Walker, Winnie, Raddle, Axel, Tom, Rolf, Spike, Sylvia, Nate, Kody, Kitty, Shari, Butch, Tasha, Camofrog, Margie, Weber, OHare, Bubbles, Rilla, Benjamin, Derwin, Rodney, Gladys, Doc, Coach, Tank, Ribbot, Nan, Hugh, Freckles, Cole, Norma, Tiffany, Bree, Rod, Scoot, Savannah, Mint, Bangle, Lullaby, Charcuterie, Pompom, Tipper, Grizzly, Biff, Murphy, Maddie, Rodeo, Diva, Frobert, Drake, Stella, Sydney, Pinky, Drift, Puddles, Bruce, Walt, Colton, Tabby


Stu, Maggie, Boone, Frank, Billy, Tad, Big Top, Stinky, Deena, Paolo, Graham, Ken, Cally, Victoria, Gaston, Lucha, Cleo, Del, Huck, Tucker, Peck, Pango, Annalize, Renee, Hippeux , Mathilda, Cousteau, Chester, Phil, Anchovy, Prince, Marcie, Pierce, Pudge, Ava, Vic, Avery, Sally, Crackle(Spork), Peewee, Anicotti, Cyrano, T-Bone, Mallary, Naomi, Monty, Tybalt, Claude, Benedict, Cesar, Patty, Eloise, Klaus, Kitt, Dora, Soleil, Anabelle, Barold, Caroline, Nibbles, Portia, Yuka, Flip, Boots, Puck, Keaton, Kevin, Olaf, Greta, Toby, Pecan, Pate, Bonbon, Pippy, Rex, Hopper, Hamphrey, Bertha, Friga, Mac, Angus, Jacques, Marcel, Leonardo, Leopold, Iggly, Monique, Valiente, Rory, Beardo


Ed, Louie, Gruff, Boyd, Rhonda, Curly, Candy, Gloria, Rizzo, Elise, Queenie, Peaches, Cashmere, Sly, Al, Tex, Curlos, Velma, Chops, Curt, Jambette, Gwen, Truffles, Clyde, Rasher, Charlise, Carrie, Snooty, Paula, Baabara, Sandy, Nervousness, Harry, Miranda, Bitty, Violet, Wart Jr., Groucho, Limberg, Sheldon