An Alaskan Dall sheep hunting

Greeley, Colo. The Steiner Predator 8 Riflescope, one of Steiner’s most versatile precision hunting optics, ventures to the great heights of the acclaimed Alaska Range with HuntWise Ambassador Joe Griffin as he stalks the prized Dall Sheep from Alaska in the short film. THE PEAK: An Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.

Follow Joe’s incredible hunt as he recounts his adventure, the grueling challenges he faced, and the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies the hunt of his life. The film is available to watch now on HuntWise’s YouTube channel.

For those seeking the best in German precision hunting optics, the Steiner Predator 8 provides unmatched accuracy and reliability when the odds are stacked against you.

The Steiner Predator 8 was selected for this hunt due to its reputation for quality features, including high-contrast lens coatings with best-in-class optical clarity, extra-wide field of view, industry-leading light transmission and Illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings. The Predator 8 scope’s customizable ballistic turret provides a consistent and accurate dial for bullet drop, movable rings, and can be set to custom distances for quick marking. An audible and tactile turret offers reliable operation, while zero mode allows the shooter to return to zero without going off the optic.

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