AmmoSquared is proud to sponsor Old Eighteen Defense’s Run n Gun events.

Nampa, ID AmmoSquared Inc., the pioneer of ammunition-backed stocks, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Old Eighteen Defense’s innovative and challenging Run n Gun events for 2023. These six weekend events, culminating in a championship event in Palestine, Texas, combine the excitement of competition. shooting with the physical demands of a biathlon, giving participants a unique and exhilarating experience.

Old Eighteen Defense is known for its diverse shooting locations, challenging stages, and dedication to improving the competitive shooting sport of ‘Run n Gun’ by offering proprietary competition data technology. Through its ongoing shooting events, Old Eighteen Defense supports 2A rights and safe gun handling while building a shooting community.

By sponsoring Old Eighteen Defense events, AmmoSquared demonstrates its commitment to supporting the shooting sports community, promoting responsible firearms ownership, and blending technology and data in the firearms space. Focused on automatic ammunition purchasing at regular intervals along with secure off-site storage, AmmoSquared’s service is designed to provide shooters and enthusiasts with a convenient and reliable solution for maintaining their ammunition supplies.

Old Eighteen Defense’s Run n Gun events offer two competition formats: the Series event, with a course of approximately seven miles and seven shooting stages, and the Rivals event, which features a shorter course of around four miles. and five stages of shooting. Both formats challenge competitors to adapt to unique situations and engage targets at different distances.

AmmoSquared’s sponsorship will help Old Eighteen Defense continue to provide safe and exciting shooting experiences for competitors of all levels. For more information on Old Eighteen Defense and its Run n Gun events, visit To learn more about AmmoSquared and its services, visit

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