American Schaff makes Las Vegas history with Easton’s Ultimate Indoor Arrow

Montana’s Kris Schaff has achieved a rare and singular series of titles this season, dominating three of the most prestigious archery events with the winningest indoor arrow of all time: the Easton X7 series.

Wielding his Easton arrows, Schaff made his mark at the first major event of 2023, the Nimes European Indoor, blasting his way to the champion’s podium with a first-place finish at Europe’s biggest archery event. Less than a week later, she came close to repeating this success, taking second to Bodie Turner, also shooting Easton, at the Lancaster Classic event.

Last weekend, Kris achieved the dream of countless archery competitors with victory in the Open Compound event at the world’s largest and most competitive event in the sport: the 57th Vegas Shoot. In front of a crowd of thousands, Schaff relied on his Easton X27 to take home the $57,000 prize in the 26-competitor knockdown finals. With the field split down the middle in each grueling and stressful tiebreaker round, in the end, it was Kris who was left alone with nothing more than tens “inside X” to take the Las Vegas title.

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