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American Provenance is a personal products company that makes clean, natural personal care products for men and women. These products are all-natural deodorants, body wash, and beard balm. American Provenance products are not made with harsh chemicals and are aluminum-free deodorants. We received a small box full of these to test and have been using them daily for the past few weeks. The scent is light on these and not too strong which is important and they all seem to work as they should.

These products are all-natural, which means they don’t contain aluminum (who knew they put it in some deodorants), harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. It’s basically all-natural oils, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, arrowroot powder, and natural magnesium hydroxide. Some of the products contain baking soda.

Most of the products are aimed at men with the beard balm and body wash. I did like the scented products, though I won’t be using them while hunting. I noticed the product was there when I put it on and it faded quickly, which is fine. Most importantly, at the end of the day it didn’t smell like a gym locker room, even on days of high stress or physical activity. The beard balm smelled better because the oil was heavier in the product and the scent lasted a bit longer. The body wash had a nice clean smell when used in the shower. It lathered well, but not as well as some body washes, but it was good to know the chemicals aren’t all over my body.

We tried deodorants, beard oil, aftershave lotion and body wash. The aftershave and body wash were our favorites, and the deodorant worked well. Scent combinations are wintergreen and cedar, eucalyptus and mint, sandalwood and bergamot, citronella and marjoram, bourbon and vetiver, rum and lime, oud and fir, ylang ylang and clove, patchouli (YUCK), and lavender. We liked the oud wood and spruce best, as well as the lemongrass and marjoram. If you’re looking for natural products and would like to stop smelling like everyone else, here are some products worth considering. They are clean and work. They even have a fragrance-free version that would work for hunting. Check them out at