ALPS celebrates 30 years of excellence and innovation in outdoor products

NEW HAVEN, Missouri – From humble beginnings in a one-car garage, the vision of providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality gear at an affordable price has spawned one of the most successful outdoor manufacturing companies in the US and this year, ALPS (Active Lifestyle Products & Services) celebrates its continued success as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary.

“Enjoying the outdoors is a blessing in many ways,” said ALPS owner and founder Dennis Brune. “Whether we’re camping by a beautiful lake with our family, taking a road less traveled deep in the backcountry, or even teaming up with a good friend, outdoor adventures build the soul and instill memories that last forever. . For our family and our employees, the outdoor lifestyle and our loyal customers have blessed us tremendously.”


Dennis and his wife LaRayne started ALPS in their small garage with a mission to create performance-driven outdoor gear at a reasonable price. What started as a line of fanny packs eventually grew to include tents, backpacks, camping furniture, sleeping systems and more.


With the camping segment firmly established, ALPS expanded to include the ALPS OutdoorZ gear brand. Taking lessons learned from the camp side, the company focused on designing and producing tech packs and support essentials for the hunting community. Along the way, ALPS OutdoorZ leveraged its success to help support habitat preservation and conservation initiatives with leading organizations in the outdoor sports segment.


Not long after establishing ALPS OutdoorZ, the company partnered with Browning to produce camping gear under the Browning Camping brand, gear built to align with Browning’s “The Best There Is” philosophy. This was followed by hunting products including blinds, stools and accessories produced under the Browning Hunting Blinds brand.


When the country was finally coming out of the Great Recession, ALPS introduced another brand called Cedar Ridge. Cedar Ridge’s idea was to provide “starter” camping gear and accessories for the family budget. This coincided with a strong push by ALPS to involve more youth in outdoor recreation.


Today, ALPS and its family of brands continue to expand through innovation, new product development and refinement. The latest effort incorporates the company’s new R.3 initiative. With the mission of Reduce • Reuse • Recycle, the R3 The program represents a further push to use more recycled content in materials and packaging and further mitigate environmental impact.

“As we recognize our 30th year in business,” Brune continued, “we also celebrate our customers who have brought us here. And somehow, we live vicariously through them. When we pack up a tent or ship a backpack, we often think, ‘Where is this going? What adventures will you see? Who is the person who will sleep in this bag? Will there be a young, first-time hunter sitting in this hide when his first deer is captured? From the product designer who first puts pen to paper to our warehouse team who sends the boxes out the door (it may sound trite or cliché, but it’s true), we feel a personal connection to our consumers through each and every one of the products we make. ”

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About ALPS brands:

Beginning in 1993 with the establishment of ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS Brands is a continually growing and expanding group of companies dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality, performance-driven outdoor products. Today, the ALPS Brands family of companies consists of ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, Cedar Ridge, Browning Camping and Hunting Blinds. ALPS OutdoorZ, ALPS Brands’ hunting gear moniker, made its mark several years ago by offering packs specifically designed for remote hunting in the wilderness. Today, ALPS OutdoorZ products cover everything from day and expedition packs to waterfowl blinds and turkey vests, plus furniture, gun cases and sleeping bags. ALPS OutdoorZ items are sold and distributed at top camping, backpacking and outdoor activity retailers throughout the US and Canada. For more information, visit www.