Alpine Innovations Double Sling Review

We’ve had this sling in our hands since just after SHOTSHOW in 2022 and it took us almost a year to fully test it on a variety of different guns. Honestly, this fell through the cracks in our gun safe because the rifles went in, got cleaned, and this strap was turned to the muzzleloader that sat in a gun box for several months. However, the fact that I removed it from one rifle and moved it to another shows that I liked it enough to use it in the field in more than one place.

The Alpine Innovations Dual Sling is a great piece of gear for anyone looking for something more than a standard sling. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it perfect for taking on longer hikes. I liked that the straps are a bit rubbery or feel a bit sticky and stick together. The straps are adjustable and comfortable allowing for a custom fit for any size and you can have it over one shoulder, over your neck, or over one shoulder and the strap over your neck and you can use the quick release buckle for easy adjustment. and out. The Dual Sling is comfortable enough to wear all day and we plan to purchase a few more as part of our kit. With the quick release buckle, it’s easy to wear this with a pack and then quickly sling the rifle to your shoulder and onto the sticks. The Alpine Innovations Dual Sling is a great option for anyone looking to get out there and ready for some serious hunting. This sling comes with Q (QuickRelease) swivels, QD (Quick Detach) or no swivels depending on your needs

When it comes to rifle hikes, rifle slings can be incredibly important. They not only provide additional stability when aiming, but also keep the rifle close at hand in an emergency. Rifle Slings can also be comfortable to wear, reduce fatigue, and provide hands-free convenience so you can safely walk and use glasses. The Alpine Innovations Dual Sling is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable sling for their next outing and can work with both a rifle and shotgun.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use A Rifle Sling

  • Increased stability: A rifle sling helps keep the rifle steady while aiming, giving you greater precision and control. (Pro Tip: Wrap your forearm in the sling before placing your rifle against your shooting rest or shooting sticks for extra support)
  • Quick access: Keeping your rifle close at hand makes it easy to access when you’re watching game and can help you keep it under control in case you fall.
  • Comfort: A properly adjusted rifle sling will help reduce fatigue, making it easier to carry your rifle for longer periods.
  • Free hands: A rifle sling allows you to keep your hands free for other tasks, such as climbing or boating.
  • Versatility: Rifle slings can be used for a variety of activities, from hunting to target shooting.

Security: Rifle slings keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction at all times, which is extremely important when hunting in groups.