Alone Season 9, Episode 9 Recap and Review

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History Channel Episode 9 Only, season 9, takes place during days 47-52. Four contestants remain at the beginning of the episode.

This is a recap and review of episode 9. At the end, I will provide some guesses as to who will last until the end and who could successfully hunt a bear.

Spoilers to follow!

karie lee

As usual, Karie Lee’s positive attitude is amazing! She begins the episode by singing a song that a friend wrote for her. Later, she decides to go on a hunting hike but catches nothing. Even so, when it starts to snow, she is very positive about it and says that it was a very calm day.

The next time we see her, she informs us that she is changing her hunt to be more trap and trap, as her aim is off due to muscle atrophy from malnutrition. She then shares a story that shaped her view of her life: how she had a miscarriage at four months pregnant and it showed her that her life shouldn’t be centered on successes and failures.

Later, he surveys the river and decides he’s done with fishing, then goes to check his traps. He finds a frozen squirrel in one and, while eating it, he explains that survival in the wild is not about skills but about attitude. Judging by how she never seems frustrated by the situation, there’s probably a lot of truth to that.


Meanwhile, Tiemojin is hacking the frozen stream for water and is hunting squirrels. He claims that his food cravings are becoming very painful and that he has lost 44 pounds since the start of the competition.

He spends much of his segment talking about his girlfriend, Gabrielle. He remembers how he met her at the hospital where they both worked and how thinking of her gives him strength. He clearly misses both her and her mother, but turning her sadness for them into her determination is an excellent method of keeping him from being overwhelmed by her feelings.

He spends time in this episode making bird traps on the beach. He also sets more traps. His bird trap was activated at the end of the episode, but was unsuccessful. So, in typical Tiemojin fashion, he assesses the trap and redoes it, hoping to catch a raven.

Juan Pablo

The other contestants mentioned lack of sleep in their segments, and Juan Pablo is no exception. As usual, he comes up with an interesting solution to the problem. He makes earplugs out of his shirt!

Spend some time doing home improvements: hang a rope for his sleeping bag and spend a few minutes fixing his bed to make it more comfortable. She also celebrates reaching Day 50 wearing new wool socks. It may seem like a small thing, but keeping your socks on for an occasion like this seems to lift your spirits and motivate you to keep going.

After drinking unboiled water again (Juan Pablo! You’re killing me), he decides that his new plan will be to fast for twenty more days. He explains that it’s a long game for him: “You don’t have to outrun the bear; you just have to leave your friends behind.”


Adam also has trouble sleeping but more than the wind it’s because of hunger pangs. He explains that he spends 3-4 hours a day hunting, but rarely finds anything. He also has 4/9 arrows. As he tries to hunt again, he gets caught in the brambles, falls down and gets mad about it. After taking a moment to relax, he explains that he misses his family a lot and can’t shake it off.

Things take a positive turn soon after, when he shoots a grouse. However, he also states that he is burning himself killing things, that the emotional stress is affecting him as much as hunger and missing his family. You can say that Adam is at the breaking point or, as he said, at a critical juncture.

He finally decides it’s time to go. She’s not bringing enough food, and since she has a physical career, she can’t risk harming his body. On the morning of his departure, a grouse roams his camp. He lets it be, content just to see it.

Adam survived 52 days in Labrador. At first he was quite discouraged from tapping, but in the end, he says, “when you know you’ve done your best, losing at something doesn’t feel so bitter.” Good advice from Treefort Guy. He really he had an impressive shelter.

my review

Three more contestants and two more episodes to go!

I was right about Adam leaving next, so I’m predicting Karie Lee to win! I’m not sure if Tiemojin or Juan Pablo will be next, but I hope Karie Lee’s positive attitude will keep her going until the end. I don’t think anyone is going to hunt a bear right now.

The next episode airs July 28 on the History Channel.

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