Alone Season 9, Episode 8 Recap and Review

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History Channel Episode 8 Only, season 9, takes place during days 42-46. There are six contestants remaining at the beginning of the episode.

This is a recap and review of episode 8. At the end, I will provide some guesses as to who will last until the end and who could successfully hunt a bear.

Spoilers to follow!

karie lee

We first find Karie Lee using horsetail to repair the enamel on her teeth. Shortly after, she informs us that she is going to hunt muskrats. As these creatures swim, Karie Lee ties her arrow to her fishing line (so as not to lose her arrow and reel in the catch). She fails to catch one, so she ponders how she wants to build a wild school if she wins. Only and in his family lineage of pioneers.

Later, Karie Lee sings us a song and goes back to hunting muskrats. This time, she manages to shoot one, but she is forced to engage in a small battle and eventually kills him with a knife.

On Halloween, she uses the muskrat bones to dress up as “Muskrat Suzie”, which she later claims embarrassed her. I mean… yeah, maybe that sentiment is justified.


Adam also jumps on the Halloween costume train. He dresses up as a grouse and performs an entire trick-or-treating skit (which he asks the developers to edit for him). Sometimes I wonder if he’s not fighting hard enough in the desert. Or maybe he found some special mushrooms while searching for food.

He asks, “does this make me look totally crazy?”

Along with his wild cosplay, Adam builds insulated shutters for his windows using the spring boards he found in the last episode. He also states that he feels very homesick and goes on a trip to distract himself. He finds a new river to explore and manages to shoot a large hare from twenty meters. Perhaps dressing up as a grouse has its advantages?


Tiemojin is literally killing it in Labrador. He catches a squirrel with a rungo (a wooden throwing stick) and also hunts a grouse. He gives us some tips for hunting these particular birds, which is to approach them keeping your head at a forty-five degree angle to them, get your bow in position, then look and shoot. Apparently, they are nervous and can tell if you are looking at them, and this method confuses them.

Instead of dressing up on Halloween, he celebrates Samhain, using diamond willow stain to meditate on his late grandfather from Singapore, with whom he was close.

Juan Pablo

Mr. Drinks Boiled Water is having trouble getting food as the fish have moved into deeper water due to the cold. As such, he decides to expand the dock on him. This works great! While he is fishing, Juan Pablo comments that he wants to rock the boat (or, in this case, the dock) in Only in terms of the diversity of the contestants.

Later, despite having a fish stew, he has no interest in eating it. Whether it is starvation or some other problem has yet to be determined.


Last time, Tom fell and hurt his back badly. When we find him in this segment, he couldn’t sleep the night before due to pain. He plans to hunt a beaver to have enough food to rest for a few days. He has lost thirty-eight pounds since his arrival.

He is unsuccessful in hunting any beavers and can barely walk. However, he manages to have Icelandic moss for a meal. After climbing the small hill behind his shelter, she falls and hits her back and knee. She sits at the bottom of her shelter for a while, then runs out of power. He states that he “he’s a tough man who never gives up, but he’s a fool who doesn’t know when he’s beaten”. However, forty-three days in the desert is no small thing, sir! You did the best you could!


Jessie finished Hodge Podge Lodge in this segment!

She explains that she spent over three weeks building her shelter (which, as I’ve discussed in previous reviews, seemed like too much time to focus on instead of finding food). My assessment was reasonably accurate, as Jessie gets sicker as the days go by. She has lost forty-five pounds and is dizzy and gassy (indicating that excess acid may be eating away at her stomach lining). She starts a cycle that is horrible to watch: she drinks water and then vomits it up. She tries to ingest charcoal to remove toxins, but this doesn’t work.

Instead of tapping, Jessie is unresponsive to her daily medical checkup, so the team heads to her location. They find her warm in her shelter and decide that she must be medically extracted. Her expression freezes when she tells him that she can’t process it. Still, I have immense respect for Jessie’s determination and strength, and it saddens me that she didn’t make it to at least the top two.

my review

Now that we have four people left, these are my thoughts:

Adam, he’s going to give in next. He is doing so well that he will have too much time to focus on missing his family.

Juan Pablo – I keep thinking that he will be the one to take a bear… or he will get a stomach virus.

Tiemojin and Karie Lee will battle it out for the final spot, and it will be a battle of calories.

The next episode airs July 21 on the History Channel.

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