Alone: ​​Frozen Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: “Bone Cold”

Just Frozen Season 1 Callie
Callie in ‘Alone: ​​Frozen’ Season 1 (Photo Credit: The History Channel)

the history channel Solo: Frozen Season one episode four finds the four remaining survivors doing a pretty decent job of hunting. It’s incredibly challenging and the temperature is dropping, but the four contestants are still alone in the Labrador desert at the end of the episode.

“Bone Cold” kicks off with 39 days left in the season and counts down to 36 days left for a share of the $500,000 prize pool.

Callie Russell, 34, Montana – Season 7, survived 89 days

39 days left: It’s 35 degrees and raining when we catch up with Callie. She is a little nauseous because she started her period and she didn’t eat yesterday. Today she is thirsty and hungry, but she finds it difficult to get out of bed because she is tired.

(FYI: Contestants receive menstrual products.)

He finally makes it out of his shelter and works on building a grouse trap. She picks a good spot and sets up a big trap as she points out that her main concern is not being able to find enough food. She calls her trap “The Amazing Grouse Getter 2000” and explains that she is using berries and beach grass as bait. When the grouse lands on a branch next to the bait, he will fall into a funnel and will not be able to fly.

Callie believes that having a goal of 50 days is easier than not knowing how many days she will have to spend in the wild.

38 days left: Callie has never eaten sea ice before and takes a bite. She describes it as tasting like a potato chip: salty and crunchy. After a short snack, she checks her traps. The first three traps are empty and the Grouse Getter didn’t catch anything either.

seventh season of Only It taught her to love herself and she’s taking that lesson this season. However, she is beginning to doubt that the earth has everything she needs. She is excited to realize that without more food, her body won’t last much longer.

37 days left: the sun is out and Callie is enjoying it before going to work. She went to bed hungry and she still has hope that there is something in the trap for her. She places herself in a positive mind space before walking the line of traps for her.

She scares a grouse early on, and though she is weak, she shoots. It’s a slaughter! Callie has a big smile as she holds the grouse in front of the camera and then kisses it. She is incredibly grateful and believes that things are changing.

She processes the bird under the sunlight as she thanks the dead creature for her life. She shows the pebbles inside the capercaillie’s crop. (These birds eat stones to help break down their food.) The bird’s organs are in excellent shape.

He saved the grouse for dinner so he could go to bed with a full belly. It felt good to go on a killing spree just to reaffirm that the land will provide.

Solo Frozen Season 1 Amos
Amos on ‘Alone: ​​Frozen’ Season 1 (Photo Credit: The History Channel)

Amos Rodríguez, 41, Indiana – Season 7, survived 58 days

39 days left: Today Amos plans to check his traps and set up some more. He really wants to be busy hunting and hopes to find a bear. He made his own bow and believes that it gives you a deeper connection to his food. Amos’ goal is long-term food security: that’s what it takes to stay in the competition for 50 days.

He sees a bear trail and reminds himself to stay alert. The black bears return to the same area in search of food and Amos comes across what he thinks is his bed. There is a strong smell of urine, a lot of bear droppings, and an area full of bones where he has been eating.

Amos explains that he increased the weight of his bow and arrows specifically to hunt a black bear.

He comes across one of his traps and discovers that he caught a snowshoe hare. Returning to camp, he cooks his hare, disappointed that he didn’t find a bear, but unwilling to give up.

(Only informs viewers that black bears have a sliding force of 560 pounds and can kill a human with a single blow. It is also noted that the bear’s den is only 1/3 of a mile from Amos’ refuge.)

36 days left: He heads out on another bear hunt and finds the bird he shot 12 days earlier. He is dead and definitely not in good condition. Other birds have been pecking at it and since there isn’t much left, he’s going to use it as bait for the bear. He also finds the arrow that he lost 12 days ago.

He hears another bird and shoots. He hits him, but it’s not a kill shot, so he has to put him out of his misery.

Back at his shelter, Amos prepares bird soup. He cooks it as he reminds himself that he must remain alert and mentally aware of his surroundings.

Later, their fire roars as the temperature drops. The wind is picking up and he realizes that he needs to work a lot harder in his shelter because it is going to be very cold tonight.

Just Frozen Season 1 Michelle
Michelle on The History Channel’s ‘Alone: ​​Frozen’ Season 1

Michelle Finn, 47, Maine – Season 8, survived 21 days

38 days left: Michelle admits to making a bad decision. She unwound her 300 yards of fishing line using only her headlamp as a light and now it’s a tangled mess. She laughs and says, “It goes without saying that maybe those kinds of decisions shouldn’t be made in the wee hours of the morning.”

Hours later, he has untangled his line and with the snow falling, he sets out to do some fishing. First, you will check your traps. She has been living with clams and mussels and realizes that she needs a fatty animal added to her diet.

Unfortunately, your first trap is empty. As she walks through the trap, Michelle reveals that she had problems with her teeth and eyesight after starving to death. Only season eight She is determined not to experience that this time.

He comes across a freshly killed Canada Jay that he thinks might have been dropped by a hawk. He has decided to postpone fishing for a while in order to prepare the bird. There is no evidence of parasites, so he thinks it will be fine, but he will boil it well before eating it.

Your first bite is super chewy but good. She describes it as having “that dark meat flavor.”

Solo Frozen Season 1 Woniya
Woniya on The History Channel’s ‘Alone: ​​Frozen’ Season 1

Woniya Thibeault, 45, California – Season 6, survived 73 days

39 days left: Woniya shows it off Only secret weapon: the biggest sweater in the world. It didn’t count against 10 items from him, and you can use string to mark traps from him. She took a cheating course before this season and now she feels more confident than she did in season six.

He’s seen rabbit poop before and thinks he’s found a rabbit habitat. She places traps at a natural pinch point and marks them with red thread from her sweater. If you don’t catch a rabbit, you hope to catch something that preys on them.

The mussel harvest on the beach has been decreasing every day.

(Only notes that contestants can catch and eat predators of squirrels and rabbits, such as foxes).

38 days left: Woniya takes his dirty clothes to the lake and is happy to have fresh-smelling clothes. After dropping off his dirty clothes, he heads off to check on his traps.

Woniya has had hunger pangs most of the day and explains that it took two years for his body to feel normal after his first experience in Only. His time in the arctic destroyed his teeth and he doesn’t have much enamel left. He could tap early if he doesn’t get regular food this time.

Woniya is delighted to discover that one of her traps has caught a rabbit. This is her first successful catch this season, and she is happy that the rabbit seems to have died quickly. She likes rabbit and is going to cook the hare in mussel broth.

If the hunt is approached in the right way, Woniya believes it can be a beautiful, reciprocal and loving act.

She plans to use the front legs as bait for a fox. She will keep her ass for luck.

The kidneys of the hare are large, considering the small size of the animal. Plus, rabbit liver has more vitamin A and B12 than apples or carrots, and Woniya thinks it’s the best liver on the planet.

Later that night he takes his first bites of the rabbit and says it’s so good he could cry.