Alabama Shepherd and Hunter presents the third in a new series of children’s hunting books

Part of the Hunt Club children’s book series, “Talking Turkey: A First Turkey Story” takes children on a wholesome yet exciting adventure in the turkey forest.

After receiving rave reviews for his first two books, “Birthday Buck” and “Hide and Seek,” Alabama author, pastor, and avid outdoorsman Dr. Jimmy Tidmore is releasing the third book in his series of Hunt Club Kids books.

“Talking Turkey” is the story of a boy named Mason, who is experienced as a deer hunter beyond his years and is ready for a new challenge. He decides to head into the woods in search of wild turkeys. After seeing his father quickly take down a devourer on opening morning, Mason assumes it will be easy for him too. But a battle-tested gobbler named Mo teaches him otherwise. Ultimately, it takes an unexpected turn of events, and a little help from an old friend, for Mason and his dad to lure Mo to the shooting range.

Like the previous two books in the series, this book offers the thrill of adventure while teaching children some valuable life lessons.

“Talking Turkey” is another wholesome, family-friendly, yet exciting adventure with several unexpected twists. It will keep kids excitedly turning the pages, eager to find out what’s next, while teaching them timeless lessons about life, family, and friendship.

Tidmore is a husband, father, and pastor serving a small church in Huntsville, Alabama. He and his son, Jet, enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures together that serve as the foundation and inspiration for The Hunt Club Kids Series.

“Once I decided to make ‘Buck’s Birthday’ the first in a series of books, I always knew there would be one about turkey hunting. Then, when I felt ready to start working on the third installment, spring was in the air, so it seemed like the right time. I think the 50th anniversary of the NWTF had something to do with it as well,” says Tidmore.

“Like the other books in the series, ‘Talking Turkey’ is full of life lessons. But this one is really aimed at helping children (and adults) to recognize and be grateful for the blessings they have in life and to understand that there is a plan and a Planner.

“I continue to be surprised by the way the books are received,” says Tidmore. “The stories I hear over and over again about children developing a love of reading from these books make me happy. Hearing about kids begging their parents for just ‘one more chapter’ blows my mind and encourages me to write more.”

He says the next book in the series will be about archery and bow hunting and will likely feature Parker, another from The Hunt Club Kids we already know and love, as the main character.

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