Alabama Shepherd and Hunter presents the second in a new series of children’s hunting books

Part of the Hunt Club children’s book series, “Hide and Seek” is a wholesome yet exciting book for children who love hunting and outdoor adventures.

After experiencing success with his first book, “Birthday Buck,” Alabama author, pastor, and avid outdoorsman Dr. Jimmy Tidmore is releasing the second book in his Hunt Club Kids book series.

“Hide and Seek” is the story of a boy named Wyatt, his dog, and his hunt to prove the existence of a giant white-tailed deer. However, the stakes are much higher than finding the big money. Making his father believe may be Wyatt’s only chance to rekindle his father’s lost love of hunting. This book offers the thrill of adventure while teaching children some valuable life lessons.

“Hide and Seek” is another wholesome, family-friendly, yet exciting adventure with several unexpected twists. It will keep kids excitedly turning the pages, eager to find out what’s next, while teaching them timeless lessons about life, family, and friendship.

Tidmore is a husband, father, and pastor serving a small church in Huntsville, Alabama. He and his son, Jet, enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures together that serve as the foundation and inspiration for The Hunt Club Kids Series.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm people have shown for ‘birthday buck.’ It has exceeded my expectations, and I am truly grateful and humbled by the reception it has received,” says Tidmore.

“My goal for the second book, like the first, is to help kids who love the outdoors learn to love reading, too,” says Tidmore. “That’s why I try to make books not only family-friendly and wholesome, but also fun and exciting. That being said, I am also writing these books as my contribution to the ongoing and much-needed work of recruiting the next generation of outdoor men and women. Because if we don’t get the next generation excited about hunting, it may not be an option for them for years to come.”

He says the next book in the series will be about turkey hunting and will feature another from The Hunt Club Kids we already know and love as the main character.

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