AG Composites enthusiastically supports the SEARCH project

AG Composites, a veteran-owned manufacturer using modern design software to create computer-aided design (CAD) models and the industry’s premium compound rifle stock company, is proud to announce its enthusiastic support of Project SEARCH. . Founded in 1996 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Project SEARCH has grown from a single program site in Cincinnati to a large, ever-expanding international network of sites. The primary goal of Project SEARCH is to secure competitive employment for people with disabilities.

“People with disabilities can face unique challenges finding work, and Project SEARCH is an exceptional program that seeks to help people with disabilities find jobs,” said AG Composites owner Matt Tandy. “In our area, Project SEARCH is a program where the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services has partnered with Huntsville Hospital locally to provide real-life work experience combined with job training and life skills. independently to help youth with significant disabilities succeed. transitions to a productive adult life in and around Huntsville.”

AG Composites currently employs two program workers who have been diagnosed with autism. “These two exceptional individuals have been with us for two years and have shown up every scheduled work day, without fail,” said Tandy. “They are always on time and work hard every day from 8:00 am to noon. Chris recently moved into cheek lift assembly, a more advanced position than his previous role, and Cole works diligently assembling carbon fiber packs used by our placement team. They are both excellent employees and each contribute significantly to the continued success of our company.”

“I strongly encourage other businesses in Huntsville and across the country to consider this potential group of employees,” Tandy said.

More information about Project SEARCH can be found at More information on AG Composite’s full line of products and how they are produced can be found at

About AG Compounds
AG Composites is a veteran-owned company that designs and manufactures advanced composite products in Owens Cross Roads, Ala. The company uses modern design software to create computer-aided design (CAD) models and the highest quality carbon fiber, epoxy, and paint to manufacture its line of rifle stocks. Each stock is tested with the action, bottom metal, and barrel hardware before it is shipped to the customer. The company is known for delivering its products in weeks, not months. AG Composites’ mission is to be the industry’s most responsive, reliable and supportive supplier of advanced composites. The company can be contacted at 1-833-AGSTOCK, or