Pro-Tracker Archery makes it easy to increase your Arrow FOC for greater game impact

Pro-Tracker® Archery, the acclaimed manufacturer of archery equipment for hunting, invites you to check out Bad Boys, the innovative FOC sleeve that increases the inertia of your arrow at impact. There’s never been an easier way to make your arrow have more momentum, giving it an extra “hit” on impact with play.

“In bowhunting, besides accuracy, momentum is everything when it comes to making a clean and ethical kill shot,” said Gary Christensen, owner of Pro-Tracker Archery. “You need the broadhead to go where you need it to go, and you need it to carry enough velocity and inertia on impact to bring an animal down effectively. That’s what Bad Boy covers can do – give you that extra punch you need.”

Available for compound and crossbow hunters, Bad Boys sleeves come in various weights and colors. This allows you to find the right amount to get the accuracy and inertia you need for the distances you’re shooting at. FOC is not a new concept. Having a weighted arrow forward helps generate the most impact on the shot and helps achieve a clean and ethical kill shot. To use Bad Boys, simply slide it over the arrow shaft and secure with the broadhead or field point for practice. It’s designed to use your current zero from 20 to 30 yards, so you can add it as needed. Longer takes will only require minor adjustments.

Pro-Tracker Archery Bad Boys FOC Sleeves come in weights from 62 to 300 grains, as well as in variety packs so you can dial in what suits you best. There are multiple color options, as well as the standard black. These sleeves fit both standard and microbore shafts and include shrink head tubes to accommodate smaller shafts. You can change sleeves in the field without retuning, making it the easiest way to add momentum to your arrow. Sold by the pack of three. For more information, visit the Pro-Trackery Archery website.

Headquartered in Rexburg, Idaho, Pro-Tracker Archery is an award-winning manufacturer of archery products for hunting, including the Pro-Tracker Recovery System, the revolutionary radio frequency tracking system that helps hunters recover prey regardless of hunting conditions. The company also produces the Bad Boys FOC Arrow Sleeve which increases the FOC of an arrow for deeper and stronger hits, and a full line of Pro-Tracker Archery carbon arrows designed and built to the highest standards of shooting performance. with bow. To learn more about Pro-Tracker Archery, visit