A neck twisting addition to TRUE’s line of plasma lighters

Whether it’s smoking, surviving, or being able to play Cassanova when helping light a cigarette, a lighter is paramount. Every type of lighter is useful, and TRUE has made “useful” the starting point for their newest lighter. Even some people who don’t necessarily need one still carry a fire tool in their pocket in case the need arises.

Building on the success of the first TRUE Plasma Lighter, the Plasma Lighter XR brings new developments and features. It still boasts over 300 activations on a single charge, but with a few tweaks. One of the most noticeable differences is in the XR’s unique arc pattern. This simplifies construction and offers more advancement in other areas. One of those areas is an extendable and flexible neck lighter. The collar can be angled in any direction for difficult burning areas like campfires and is wind resistant up to 80 mph.

The robust ABS and zinc alloy construction is designed to be durable and impact resistant. The locking cover protects sensitive electrodes while providing IPX6 water resistance.

One of the other changes made to the XR line is the UCB-C rechargeable port. The battery ignition is ecological and always reliable. An LED charge indicator is visible, so there’s no guessing when a recharge is needed. In general, a full charge from empty is possible in 1.5 hours. TRUE also offers a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

TRUE’s updated lighter offers some unique updates to an already solid design. Capable of adapting to almost any role, the Plasma Lighter XR may be worth its weight in gold. Priced to compete with options that outperform the competition, this powerhouse is hard to miss.

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  • plasma arc technology
  • Flexible and retractable neck lighter
  • Windproof up to 80 MPH
  • Over 300 starts on a single charge
  • No flame and no fuel
  • compact and lightweight
  • Impact Resistant ABS Plastic / Zinc Alloy
  • Protection lock cover
  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • USB type C rechargeable
  • Long life 220 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Power/Charge Indicator
  • Push button activation


  • SKU: TRU-ACC-1001
  • MSRP: $24.99

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